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StudentUniverse Promo Codes

Are you a budget-conscious student looking to fly for less? StudentUniverse offers discounted flights and regularly publishes promo codes so you can save even more money on your next trip.

What is StudentUniverse?

StudentUniverse is a travel booking site for young adults under 26 years old. It offers discounts on flights, hotels, and tours through partnerships with big travel brands. StudentUniverse focuses on getting the lowest possible prices for students.

When you search for a flight with Skyscanner and see StudentUniverse pop up as a third-party booking portal, you’ll be able to complete your reservation on that site and use the latest applicable StudentUniverse promo code to reduce your final price.

StudentUniverse Promo Codes

Ready for the latest promo codes? Save more on your next flight by using one of these on your next booking:

Deal DescriptionPromo CodeDetails
$20 discount for one-way and roundtrip international flights between the US/Canada and any international destination, excluding the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. $10 discount for all other flights. Youth and Adults only. NOTASTUDENTExpires August 16, 2019.
$20 discount on 1 one-way or roundtrip international flight departing the US or Canada and arriving anywhere EXCEPT the US, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. NEWFOR20Expires December 31, 2019. Valid for first-time purchasers only.
$20 discount on 1 one-way and roundtrip flights departing from China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Japan, Vietnam or India and arriving in the US or Canada. NEW2NAExpires December 31, 2019. Valid for first-time purchasers only.
$10 discount ($20 discount for GO members) for one-way and roundtrip flights within the United States departing within 14 days. LASTMINUTEExpires 
December 31, 2019

Quick Facts on StudentUniverse Promo Codes

  • These promo codes are the equivalent of an online coupon. You can apply the promo code by typing it exactly as it appears above into the promo code box on the StudentUniverse website. The code must also be used by the expiration date to be valid.
  • StudentUniverse promo codes are typically for a full dollar amount discount, not a percent discount. The codes may also have a stipulation attached, such as using a particular airline or departing from and arriving to a particular country.
  • Some of the promo codes have a limited number of redemptions. StudentUniverse doesn’t reveal how many redemptions are allowed, so be sure to use the promo code as soon as possible, if you are ready to book.
  • StudentUniverse promo codes can only be used one time per person, unless specified otherwise.
  • Sometimes StudentUniverse promo codes are only valid for first-time purchasers. Be sure to review all the details associated with that code.

Tips for Finding Cheap Student Flights

StudentUniverse offers worthwhile travel discounts that are only available to students and those aged 26 or younger. However, it’s not the only site with flight deals. Airlines and third-party booking portals often run discounts or promotions that drive the price down.

Start your search with these student discount tips and use Skyscanner to review all the flight options that are available to you. If StudentUniverse ends up being the cheapest and you can apply a promo code for an even better discount, then you’ve just found yourself a great deal!

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