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The Ten Best Travel Jobs in the World

If you want to quit your job, travel the world and make money along the way, here’s how to do it.

Let’s face it. Your job sucks, and you spend half the day dreaming about a life that’s more adventurous and a career that’s more invigorating. I can empathize. I’ve been there before. So, let’s use this time as a call to action by taking a look at the ten best travel jobs in the world. And who knows? When all things are said and done, maybe you’ll stop dreaming about a better life and begin working toward landing one of the following careers where you can actually get paid to travel.

1.) Online Marketing Specialist

2.) Cruise Ship Personnel

3.) Freelance Writers / Photographers

4.) Pilots / Flight Attendants

5.) Bartenders

6.) Internet Advertisers

7.) Data Specialists

8.) Web Designers

9.) Graphic Designers

10.) Social Media Managers

Here’s what I want you to do. When you’re done reading this article, walk straight into your boss’s office, look him / her in the eyes and utter these words, “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but I quit.” Tell them that it’s time to break free from the corporate grind and do something you love. Tell them that life is short, you want to see the world and that you must act now before your putrid soul rots into an ominous oblivion.

OK, I’m sorry. Don’t really quit your job. That’s not a smart idea, or at least it’s not a smart idea without a backup plan. With that in mind, consider the rest of this article the beginning of your backup plan; your mode of transportation to professional freedom, if you will. Where are we headed? That’s a great question, and since you’re seriously considering telling your boss to shove it, let’s steer this bad boy toward the reservoir of financial and personal prosperity.

What do you think? Would you like to learn all about the ten best travel jobs in the world? OK, cool! Buckle up and brace yourselves, everyone. By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to quit your dead-end gig with confidence knowing that a lucrative career and global travel plans await!

1.) Online Marketing Specialists

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Why: The Internet allows Online Marketing Specialists to work anytime and everywhere. All they need is a laptop, some serious knowledge and a few good clients.

What’s required: An advanced degree in a communications-related field helps. Also, most employers won’t be into the idea of allowing you to travel unless you’ve proven yourself to them in some way. Of course, you can always do what I did and start your own business. Then, no one can tell you where and when to work as long as you keep churning results and making money for your clients.

How much you can make: $50,000 – $150,000+

2.) Cruise Ship Personnel

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Why: Cruise ships aren’t stagnant objects. They move around the ocean and travel from port to port. If you’re lucky enough to land a job working on one, you will get to experience amazing places, meet awesome people and have more fun than you could’ve ever imagined. Keep in mind that you’ll live and work on the ship for weeks, if not months at a time, and many people just can’t handle that. The good news is that lodging and meals are free to all cruise ship personnel.

What’s required: A go-getter’s attitude. Cruise ship jobs are highly sought after, and if you find yourself applying for a few, know that you’ll be competing against hundreds of people. With that in mind, persistence helps. So does experience. Let me give you an example. If you’re a mixologist who wants to spend his / or her days working on a cruise ship, come armed to your interview with years of experience, advanced product knowledge and a friendly disposition.

How much you can make: Depends on the job, and the compensation ranges vary greatly. Some low-level positions pay around $800 / month while top-level positions can yield nearly $8,000.

3.) Freelance Writers / Photographers

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Why: Freelance Writers and Photographers aren’t bound to desks. Instead, they’re often mobile machines that can work from anywhere in the world and for just about anyone.

What’s required: You must have clients who are willing to pay for your work. I’m not going to sit here and say that a master’s degree in fine arts is the key to success, but it can’t hurt. All you really need is to be good at what you do and have a few clients who will keep you busy. If those pieces fit nicely in place, bon voyage, mes amies! Travel the world and have fun, but make sure you hit your deadlines and deliver top-notch content.

How much you can make: It all depends on who you freelance for and how much volume you can handle. Some Freelance Writers pull-down $200 – $1000 per story and publish multiple stories per week. As for Photographers, they often make money for every image they sell, and the going rate for those also varies and are dependent upon industry, quality, need, etc…

4.) Pilots / Flight Attendants

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Why: The ‘why’ is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s move on.

What’s required: To become a commercial airline pilot (and there are many types of pilots), you’ll need to meet basic requirements, train as a private pilot, log flight hours, pass tests and gain a series of certifications. You can also study to become a commercial pilot at collegiate institutes like Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Daytona, Florida.

To become a Flight Attendant, research and diligence are key. Find open jobs online, apply to as many as you can, ace your interviews, pass the medical exams and excel during the extensive training program.

How much you can make: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median Pilot salary was $102,520 in 2015. The longer you fly and the more hours you’ve logged, the more money you will make.

As for Flight Attendants, the median annual wage rests at around $40,000. Experienced Flight Attendants make more and new ones often make much less.

5.) Bartenders / Mixologists

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Why: It’s a universal skill that’s often in demand no matter what city you might find yourself in. The trick to landing good work, however, is being great at what you do.

What’s required: More often than not, you’ll need prior experience behind the pine. Few bars / restaurants are willing to bring on newbies, so if you want to travel the world while mixing some bomb-ass cocktails along the way, learn the craft, master the associated skills and always be on the lookout for new / innovative ways to stand out.

How much you can make: It depends on how good of a bartender you and where you find work. Can you make enough money to live off of and travel? The answer is yes. You can do that and then some if you’re willing hustle.

6.) Internet Advertisers

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Why: There’s an online theme going on. Can you dig it?

What’s required: Extensive knowledge, a dope laptop and a data-driven mindset. Also, a degree in advertising or marketing with years of experience doesn’t hurt. In order to travel the world while being an Internet Advertiser, what you really need is cool boss or a few clients that you can depend on.

How much you can make: Depends on the setup, but you can easily make $100,000 or more if you’re good at what you do.

7.) Data Specialists

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Why: Data Specialists are hot commodities these days, and if you land the right gig, or the right group of clients, you can hammer out your daily responsibilities from anywhere in the world.

What’s required: An advanced degree. If you don’t have one, be sure to possess a combination of technical, analytical and presentation skills. In addition, knowing the following programming languages can go a long way… SQL, R, Python, SPSS, Tableau and Hadoop. Looking to become a Data Scientist? Check out this how-to guide published by Forbes!

How much you can make: Land the right job, or the right group of clients, and you can easily bring down $120,000+ while working from anywhere in the world.

8.) Web Designers

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Why: Web Designers build websites, and that can be done remotely.

What’s required: Knowledge, experience and a steady stream of clients. I’d recommend forming your own LLC, building a company website and using that site as the backbone of your inbound marketing efforts.

How much you can make: The sky’s the limit, and compensation will greatly depend on the quality of your work and the skill set you possess.

9.) Graphic Designers

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Why: Give ‘em a computer, and they will give your digital art.

What’s required: A degree helps, and experience is a must. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to become Graphic Designer. It takes time, talent, practice, patience and a boatload of technical knowledge.

How much you can make: If you have a solid stream of clients, you can kill it. The only trouble is that you need a solid stream of clients.

10.) Social Media Managers

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Why: If you haven’t picked up on the online theme yet, you’re not paying attention.

What’s required: The best Social Media Managers wear a plethora of hats. They know how to advertise, how to market, how to create graphics that convert, how to write, how to analyze data, etc… If you can do all of these things, and you have a few clients that are willing to pay for your services, have fun traveling the world while making some serious cash along the way. When you’re out there, be sure to drop us an Instagram post from time to time so we mere mortals can ‘heart’ your awesomely-envious lifestyle.

How much you can make: Depends on how many clients you have or who you work for. For example, if you manage three companies’ social media operations at the tune of $40,000 a year per, then you’re making great money but are also super busy. If you work for just one client, a large company let’s say, then you can make anywhere from $50,000 to $125,000 a year.

Parting Thought

If you are ready to quit your job and get paid to travel, it’s extremely important to establish a game plan before telling your boss that you refuse to spend another minute of your professional life making someone else’s dreams a reality. Trust me on this. Don’t just quit and figure it our later. Make a plan, stay focused and work hard to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, everyone. Take care of each other, and travel safe!