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10 of the Best Travel Gadgets to Bring on Your Next Trip

Most people have their essential packing list when it comes to traveling. This list typically includes appropriate attire, toiletries and your standard electronic items, such as your laptop and smartphone. However, there are many gadgets on the market that are designed to enhance any travel experience. We've partnered with The Gadget Flow to look at 10 of the best travel gadgets you should bring on your next trip.


Vago Portable Baggage Compressor

Save precious luggage space with the Vago Portable Baggage Compressor. This packing method ensures that you have everything you need without requiring as much space. It actually saves up to 50% space in comparison to folding your clothes. All you have to do is load your clothing into a Vago Bag and attach the vacuum to the port. The powerful vacuum effectively removes all the air from the bag right away, causing your clothes to compress. Less than three inches long, this handy compressor is easy to travel.

Bluesmart S2 Trackable Passport Pouch

“Do you have your passport?” is one of the most common questions that come up whenever you travel. Misplacing your passport is a reason for panic, but the Bluesmart S2 Trackable Passport Pouch helps maintain peace of mind. Featuring a built-in location-tracking device, this passport pouch ensures you always know where your passport is. Simply connect it to your smartphone to get instant notifications if you leave it somewhere. You can also use the app to locate the pouch when you can’t find it.

SILENTMODE Powernap Audio Mask

Getting enough rest while traveling is something that all of us wish for, but it doesn’t usually happen. Luckily, the SILENTMODE Powernap Audio Mask will help you get shut-eye no matter where you are. It provides complete blackout and passive noise cancellation to make relaxing that much easier. The audio mask also connects with Breathonics, which offers audio training content to help you control your breathing and unwind. Plus, you won’t wake up with puffy eyes thanks to the comfortable and cooling memory foam.

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Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger

Why bring multiple chargers when one can do the trick? The Satechi Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger is your all-in-one solution for charging all your devices simultaneously. Charging up to four devices at the same time, this travel charger has enough power to charge your MacBook, iPhone and more. It also provides fast charging, which charges up to 50% in just thirty minutes.

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TENDO CHARGE Disposable Emergency Charger

Any traveler knows that there may be times when your device is out of power, and there isn’t a power source in sight. Luckily, the TENDO CHARGE Disposable Emergency Charger offers a solution to this problem. The set comes with three pre-charged batteries that provide single-use top up. It gives enough power to add an extra 30-35% battery life on your smartphone, tablet or Apple device. It also has a built-in Lightning connector, so you don’t even need to bring a cable.

Panasonic Handheld Garment Steamer

Folding your clothes for travel often results in unsightly wrinkles and creases, which can make you look and feel unprofessional and untidy. Instead of wasting time ironing or hanging your clothing in a steamy bathroom, just use the Panasonic Handheld Garment Steamer. The steamer just plugs into the wall and heats up right away once you add some water, allowing you to steam your clothing quickly. With its steel base, you can apply it directly onto your clothing without causing damage, resulting in a wrinkle-free appearance in no time.

UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer

Traveling with one or two pairs of shoes helps save space in your carry-on. However, wearing the same shoes for days or weeks on end can lead to bacterial growth and bad odors. With the UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Aside from killing germs in your shoes in only ten minutes, you can also use the sanitizer for your clothes, bags and other belongings. It’s also wireless and rechargeable so you can efficiently use it on the go.

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HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

Taking photographs and traveling go hand in hand. What better way to remember your favorite travel memories than to have a physical copy of them? With the HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer, you can easily print your photos no matter where you are. The Sprocket 2-in-1 is especially useful while on the road since it combines a camera and printer in one device. Just select the photos you want to print using the dedicated app and print away.

Tile Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker Device

Tired of misplacing or losing your things? The Tile Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker Device is a small device that attaches to practically any item, so you always know where it is. If you are close to the item, you can just ring the Tile Pro to discover its location. However, if you’re not sure where you left it, just use the map to determine its last position. The tracker device doesn’t require any maintenance, batteries or charging either.

NudeAudio Move M Portable Speaker

Don’t let travel stop you from listening to your favorite music with the NudeAudio Move M Portable Speaker. This compact Bluetooth speaker comes with a string so you can attach it to your gear while you’re on the go. It also comes with a built-in microphone so you can take calls without holding your phone. Weighing less than a pound, the speaker is convenient to carry anywhere and everywhere. Plus, it comes with 8 hours of battery life.

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