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The Best Car Rental Rewards Programs

All around the world, car rentals are popular. Whether you need a rental car for a short business trip or a road trip across the country, the question is: how loyal should you be to a single brand? After doing some research, we found that it pays to be loyal to certain brands because they offer the best car rental rewards. The best car rental rewards include:

  • National Emerald Club
  • Hertz Gold Plus
  • Alamo Insiders
  • Avis Preferred
  • Budget Business Program
  • Dollar Express Renter Rewards
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards
  • Fox Rewards
best car rental rewards

Let’s take a closer look at why these are the best car rental rewards out there.

National Emerald Club

Emerald Club members can earn points which they can use to claim free rentals. They’ll earn one for every qualifying rental or for every four consecutive rental days.

So, what does it take to get one rental day? 7 credits for regular members, 6 credits for executive members, and 5 credits for executive elite members.

Additional benefits of the National Emerald Club include the ability to bypass the counter and choose your own car. Book your National rental before you fly with Skyscanner and you can earn points for the National Emerald Club program.

Hertz Gold Plus

The Hertz Gold Plus program can be highly rewarding since you can earn one point for every U.S. dollar you spend on a rental and optional service charges like fuel, Hertz NeverLost, and more. This means that the more time and money you spend on a rental, the more points you earn.

Redemptions start at just 550 points, but you’ll have to dish out more points if you want a luxury car. The other major advantage of Hertz points is that they can be redeemed internationally. It’s simple to book your Hertz rental before you travel.

Alamo Insiders 

It’s not technically a loyalty program, but if you sign up for Alamo Insiders, you’ll get 5% off retail rates, and special promotions sent directly to your inbox. Alamo also offers a range of options for car rentals, including collecting your car rental at the airport.

Avis Preferred

All Avis Preferred members can skip the lines and access Avis Preferred Select & Go. If you’d like to earn free rentals, you’ll need to sign up for the Avis Preferred Points program.

At the preferred level, you’ll earn one point for every $1 spent on rentals and two points for accessories. Once you have reached 12 rentals or spent $5,000, you’ll earn Plus status which gives you higher multipliers. When it comes to redeeming free rentals, pricing is dynamic so this rewards program can be a bit tricky.

Budget Business Program

Although the Budget Business Program is aimed at businesses, you can still sign up as an individual. If you do, you’ll earn $3 for every qualifying rental day. You can expect your reward certificates to be mailed out quarterly in $15 denominations. Up to 7 certificates ($105) can be used when you redeem for a rental.

Dollar Express Renter Rewards

For every 16 paid days, you get one free rental day with Dollar Express Renter Rewards. You’ll also get access to a dedicated line which will speed up your checkout process.

Enterprise Plus

With the Enterprise Plus program, you earn one point for every dollar spent. Free rentals start at 450 points and there are no blackout dates.

Enterprise Plus recently expanded its program to include eight Latin American and Caribbean countries. As you fly more frequently, you can move up to Silver, Gold, or Platinum status and gain access to more reward options. Each status level has its own set of benefits, such as bonus points and vehicle upgrades.

Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards

Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards is another program where you can earn one point for every dollar spent. It takes 500 Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards to claim a free weekend rental day that can only be redeemed at Thrifty locations in the U.S. or Canada.

Fox Rewards

If you travel out of the country frequently, you’ll love Fox Rewards because Fox has more locations outside of the U.S. than inside of it. You can earn four points for every $1 U.S. dollar you spend. Your points can be used towards gift certificates to major retailers and restaurants or redeemed for rentals at any Fox location. 

As you can see, not all car rental reward programs are created equal. To find the best car rental rewards for you, consider all of your options, how often you travel, where you travel, and your personal preferences.