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Travel News What to do When You Only Have 48 Hours in Indianapolis

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What to do When You Only Have 48 Hours in Indianapolis

One of the country’s most underrated travel destinations, Indianapolis has a great nightlife scene, amazing food, and an eclectic mix of fun things to do. Join us today as we look at the best things to do in Indianapolis when you have two days to spend exploring the city.

Forty-eight hours in Indianapolis is not nearly enough time to see everything the city has to offer. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide on the best things to see, do and eat when visiting Indy.

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Your first stop when visiting the beautiful city of Indianapolis should be the Museum of Art. One of the best museums in the Midwest, it offers visitors fantastic art from around the country and around the world. Be sure to stop at the Bret Waller Gallery section and check out some of the best local artists in the area.

After the museum, grab a quick bite to eat at Fat Dan’s Deli, a Chicago-style deli and pub located on Broad Ripple Avenue. With great burgers and great beers, you’ll leave full and happy. Highly recommended is the Fat Havana, a burger take on a Cuban sandwich.

Head on over to Whiskey River State Park after your midday meal to burn off some of those calories from lunch. This oasis in the downtown Indy is filled with beautiful green spaces, public art, an IMAX Theater, and so more.

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Pop over to your hotel after the park for a quick pit stop to rest and get freshened up for the fun night ahead. A power nap may even be a good idea, but when you are ready, don’t forget your dancing shoes because your first night in Indy includes a stop at the club!

Are you ready to start your evening in Indy? Head on over to Barcelona, a tapas restaurant that offers delicious small plates and cocktails. Come hungry, and be sure to wash the meal down with some amazing, homemade sangria because you only live once.

Nicky’s Blaine’s Cocktail Lounge is a popular spot that has been named by Esquire as one of the nation’s best! Pop in for a quick martini, and to meet some friendly locals looking for some fun!

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From the lounge, it’s a short trip to the Red Room, a nightclub that hosts great DJs along with people looking to have a great time while listening to some awesome music. Remember, you’re on vacation, so don’t be afraid to cut loose and have some fun.

As you leave the club and head back to your hotel, you’ll be grinning with the memories of the fun you had during your first day in Indy. Rest up, because your last day in the city is only a few hours away!

Good morning! Day two is here, and that means you only have 24 hours left to explore Indianapolis. Let’s get moving with a trip to the best brunch spot in the city, Good Morning Mamas. Located on 54th Street, the restaurant specializes in brunch eats such as pancakes, steak and eggs, French Toast, and more!

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Nothing goes better with brunch than shopping, and luckily, Indianapolis has some amazing shopping options! The Fashion Mall at Keystone is the best choice in the city for someone seeking out best designers and brands on the market. With a wide variety of stores ranging from electronics to clothing, there’s something for everyone at the mall!

After sopping for a few hours, quickly pop back into your hotel to drop off your bags and freshen up for the evening. And make sure to put on something nice because the city’s performing arts await.

As afternoon falls in Indy, take a stroll around the Canal Walk, an area cutting through downtown that offers picturesque views and inviting walkways. Akin to San Antonio’s famed Riverwalk, you’ll enjoy your time alongside the canal as you take a breather from the busy city lifestyle.

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Libertine Liquor Bar is a fantastic place for a pre-dinner drink. With great cocktails, a fun crowd, and friendly workers, you’ll have a blast!

Ready for one of the best steaks you’ll ever eat? Head over to [St. Elmo Steakhouse](, located on Illinois Street. Open since 1902, St. Elmo has been serving quality steaks to the Indy population for over 100 years! The dry-aged NY Strip is highly recommended, and the shrimp cocktail with redskin mashed potatoes round out a meal that is simply to die for.

Now that your tummy is filled with goodness, it’s time to enjoy the best of Indy’s performing arts scene! The Center for the Performing Arts is home to some of the finest production companies in the country. From ballet to opera to concerts and more, there are great options available every night. Just be sure to book your tickets well ahead of time so that you’re not left out come the night of the big show!

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End your trip to Indy with a stop in for a nightcap at one of the city’s best bars, Chatham Tap. This little British pub has some of the best beers available on tap, and they serve up some great late night pub food. The Montauks and garlic and cheese chips in particular are highly recommended.

Well, your two days in Indianapolis have officially come to an end. You saw amazing culture, ate amazing food, and hopefully met some amazing people along the way. Rest well knowing that the city will be awaiting your return visit!