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How Best to Spend 48 Hours in Paris

Are you unsure about what to do during your Paris vacation? Are you overwhelmed with all of the options and only have a short period of time to enjoy the city? Then join us today as we take a look at things to do on a 48 hour trip to Paris!

The City of Lights just may be the most romantic city on the planet, and two days is definitely not enough time to enjoy all that Paris has to offer. Lucky for you, we’ve made this guide to help you maximize your time.

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After checking into your hotel to freshen up, head to the Musee d’Orsay, which is arguably the city’s most beautiful museum. Set in an old railway station, the museum is home to incredible pieces of art from both locals and masters. The impressionists are housed on the 5th floor, and if you only have time for one area to explore, this is it.

From the museum, head to one of the things that Paris does best… brunch! Canal Saint Martin’s Holy Belly may just be the top choice in the city, offering up unique fare as well as tried and true classics. Be sure to ask the staff about the specials for the day as the restaurant routinely serves up amazing dishes that are not on the menu.

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Ready to burn off the extra calories you packed in during brunch? Head over to the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens and stroll through 25 hectacres of lush property that has been providing greenery amidst the concrete and walls of the city since 1612. If you’re lucky, you will happen to walk the gardens when one of the orchestras are playing.

After you’ve experienced the gardens and nature’s beautiful art, head to the most stunning man made art structure in the city, the Eiffel Tower. Spend the afternoon exploring the area , and enjoy the views of the city from the top of the tower. Be sure to stick around for sunset, as seeing the sun go down over Paris with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop is one of the most incredible sights on the planet.

As night falls in Paris, head to your hotel to freshen up and change. You’ll want to put on dress clothes, because you have a nice dinner and a show ahead.

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One of the best restaurants in all of the city is Tour d’Argent. Overlooking the Notre Dame cathedral and serving their famous duckling, the restaurant has served kings and emperors since the late 1500s and is an absolute must stop for dinner when in the City of Lights. Be sure to call well ahead for reservations, as they are a Michelin-starred restaurant and always packed.

After one of the best dinners of your life, head over to Palais Garnier, the national Opera of Paris. Featuring some of the best performing arts in Europe, you will be sure to see a magnificent opera or musical that will blow you away. Make sure to plan for your night on the town well ahead of time, as shows sell out well in advance.

As you head back to your hotel from your event, take time to enjoy the beauty of Paris at night. There is really no city like it on the planet, and even a simple walk along its cobblestoned paths is filled with romance and peace. Make sure to get a nice night of sleep as tomorrow is your last day in Paris, and there is much to do!

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Get up, greet the day, and get ready for a fun last 24 hours in the city. Start off with a delicious Parisian brunch at Paperboy, which offers prix fixe options that will blow your mind. The restaurant is very casual with delicious light fare that will surprise you with its complexity and fresh ingredients.

When brunch is over, head to the Musee de l’Organerie, a fantastic museum located on the River Sienne. Home to some of the biggest and best Monets on the planet, the museum is small but well worth the stop. The master painter’s pieces are on full display throughout the museum, and he even designed part of the building himself. There are also Picassos, Rembrandts, and more throughout.

After your trip to the museum, it’s time to do one of the best things you can do in Paris… shop! Head to the beautiful and world famous Avenue des Champs Elysees, home to some of the best boutiques on the planet. Monuments and amazing landscaping will welcome you, and friendly staff will be eager to win your business as you hop from Hermes to Yves Saint Lauren and more. Don’t spend too much money, though, you’ll want to save some of that cash for the rest of the day.

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You have already experienced one of the oldest and best restaurants in Paris, so how about something new for dinner? Le George, located at the Four Seasons hotel, is a fabulous French and Mediterranean fusion restaurant that offers diners a unique experience in the heart of the city. An eclectic mix of the Middle East meeting France, Le George will leave you stunned with its unique dishes, such as the Cornish game hen, the kafta brochette lamb, and more.

When you meal is over, head out dancing at Le Social Club](, one of the hottest night spots in Paris. The club itself is on the small side but the intimate setting is perfect for getting to know those around you, and for feeling the music course through your veins.

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As you leave the club and head back to your hotel to end your trip to Paris, you’ll be heading back with a smile on your face. Paris is a magical city filled with amazing culture that can’t be found anywhere else. And hopefully, you’ll be back for another visit before you know it!