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The Truth About Travel Tuesday

Is Travel Tuesday like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, an opportunity to book out-of-this-world deals? Or is it just a hashtag?

The History of Travel Tuesday

The first mentions of Travel Tuesday actually came in the form of #TravelTuesday, a social media hashtag used both to caption inspirational quotes and images on Instagram, as well as tangible advice and information shared on Twitter.

While the oldest of the 800,000 (and counting!) Instagram posts with this tag go back several years, it appears that peak #TravelTuesday happened within the past year, or perhaps even more recently.

The Travel Tuesday that’s probably of more interest to you is a more recent phenomenon. Mainstream publications only began documenting the day, which occurs after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in 2017. Last November, for instance, Business Insider spotlighted Travel Tuesday specials.

Travel Tuesday Deals: Fact vs. Fiction

While media outlets have willed Travel Tuesday into existence, so to speak, most airlines, hotels and car rental companies don’t advertise their specials. However, some deals from last year’s Travel Tuesday included:

Indeed, it remains to be seen whether 2018 will be any different on this front—it’s possible that while some airfare sales may take place, there will be relatively little publicity about them.

Regardless of what happens, you should bookmark this page and check back often to see what Skyscanner’s expert research uncovers about Travel Tuesday.

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Travel Tuesday vs. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

According to Skyscanner’s research from 2017 with top domestic routes, both Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday boast cheaper flight prices than Black Friday. For domestic flights, booking on Travel Tuesday was 2.4% more expensive than Cyber Monday but saved 11% compared to Black Friday:

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For international travel, Travel Tuesday was actually the most expensive by a factor of 9.3%. Cyber Monday was once again the cheapest, followed by Black Friday:

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Where to Search for Travel Tuesday Deals

Even if Travel Tuesday deals aren’t advertised, they’ll still be published, which begs the question: Where should you go to book?

The obvious answer is Skyscanner, be that or the handy Skyscanner app. To find Travel Tuesday specials on, simply launch Skyscanner search, choose between “Flights,” “Hotels” and “Rental Cars,” then enter your details and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

Using the Skyscanner app to browse Travel Tuesday specials follows the same general process, though here you’ll need to tap on your screen rather than clicking a mouse or trackpad.

In either case, you can benefit if you’re flexible, thanks to Skyscanner’s “Cheapest Month” search option. Being open to many potential origin points (i.e. putting “United States” instead of “LAX” or “JFK”) also opens up lower fares to you, whether you search Chicago hotels or browse flights to Miami.

Things to Remember About Travel Tuesday

  • Travel Tuesday and #TravelTuesday are two different things—the latter can inspire you, but the former can save you money
  • Though it has a similar ring to it, Travel Tuesday isn’t as ubiquitous as Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  • Not yet, anyway—more Travel Tuesday deals appear every year and are sure to do so in 2018
  • Bookmark this page and visit it often to see this year’s Travel Tuesday specials.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t find deals for the trip you want to take via Travel Tuesday. Skyscanner’s “Best Time to Book” tool will tell you when to book to get the best price!

Why wait for Travel Tuesday to book your next trip? Play with our friendly flight search widget below to start plotting your next trip today, (even if it isn’t Tuesday!). 👇