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Best Time to Book Flights to Orlando in 2019

Are you missing out on grabbing the cheapest flights to Orlando by booking at the wrong time or traveling during the wrong month? We have analyzed millions of flight bookings to bring you detailed insights on the best time to book flights to Orlando in 2019.

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What You Need to Know About Finding the Best Time to Book Flights to Orlando

-The best time to book a flight to Orlando in 2019 is as soon as possible
January is the best month to travel to Orlando
-MCO Airport (Orlando International Airport) is the optimal airport choice
Skyscanner Price Alerts can help you track flight prices automatically

Departure From
Best Time To Book Flights To Orlando Cheapest Month To Fly*
Chicago 5 months in advance January, September
Washington 7 months in advance January, February, April, and September
Los Angeles 6 months in advance January, February, September
Atlanta 3 months in advance January, February, September
Boston 5 months in advance January, September
New York 3 months in advance January, September

The Cheapest Month to Book Travel to Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA. Thinking of planning a trip to this Florida city? Well, we have good news. Skyscanner’s data shows that the cheapest month to book flights to Orlando is January. The average savings price for flight tickets to Orlando in January is 11% off compared to average ticket prices for the rest of the year. So if you are dreaming of Orlando but trying to work with a budget, then January is the time to go!

In terms of the most expensive month to travel, our team has found that October is the worst month book flights to Orlando in 2019. Prices to Orlando in October are, on average, 7% higher than the typical ticket price.

Fun Facts on Booking Flights to Orlando

The Best Time to Book Flights to Orlando in 2019

Skyscanner’s studies of the previous years show that if you book your flight to Orlando 14 days early, you can save an average of 18% off the average ticket price. At 3 weeks ahead of your travel dates, those savings drop down to 16%. If you book 1 month in advance, the drop further to an average of 11%. With that in mind, it’s absolutely worth checking out last minute flight deals to Orlando, even within a month of booking.

How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets to Orlando

If you haven’t been introduced to Skyscanner’s price alert feature, take a look at the article we just linked. It will walk you through just how quick and easy it is to setup automatic price alerts to and from your airport of choice. Also, when using Skyscanner’s flight search tool, try searching by cheapest month rather than a specific date. This is great for flexible travelers who know that a vacation is imminent but can afford to move schedules around to accommodate the lowest possible rates on airfare and/or hotels.

Things to do on Your Orlando Vacation

Looking for some fun ideas for your Orlando vacation? Whether you are travelling with friends, family or a loved one these Orlando attractions are sure to impress.

Disney World

Disney is fun for everyone! Epic roller coasters, fun-filled rides, fairytale sets, and of course your favourite characters. You can easily spend a few days exploring Disney World’s parks. Check out this article for how to visit Disney World like a pro!

Universal Studios

Whether you dream about visiting Hogwarts, playing around with minions, or hanging out with Transformers, Universal Studios is a must on any Orlando vacation. Read this article on how to make the most of your Universal Studios visit.

Swim with The Dolphins

Always wanted to swim with the dolphins? Well, you can at Discovery Cove; one of the ten best places to visit in Orlando! Escape to this tropical oasis where colourful parrots perch in the trees, bright colored, tropical flowers line the path, and playful dolphins wait eagerly to meet you. 

Have a Beach Day

Orlando may not have any beaches of its own, but there are a few great beaches all within a close enough distance to make them an easy day trip. Rent a car and head to Daytona Beach, St. Pete’s Beach, or Cocoa Beach where you can even try your hand at surfing.

Where to Stay in Orlando

Orlando has a ton of accommodation choices, but where you choose to stay depends on a few different factors. If your entire Orlando Vacation revolves around Disney, then it might be best to stay on site or in a hotel very close to Disney World. If you are planning to go to a bunch of the theme parks, but don’t have a car, then look for a hotel with a shuttle service. If you have a car or plan on renting one while you are there, then you may want to look at hotels that are located a little further out to help save some money.

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