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Five of the best city breaks in America

Even in America’s most iconic destinations, the real action happens off the beaten track. So sure, visit the big sights and get the must-have selfies – just be sure to make time to explore.

So, here’s some inspo about America’s must-visit cities – if you think you know them, think again…

1. New York City

When you head to NYC, you need to play the hits. Visit the Statue of Liberty, stroll Central Park, take a selfie on the Empire State Building’s viewing platform. Badda bing, badda boom – now for something new. Take a candlelight tour of the catacombs, hit a Jewish deli for knishes and head uptown to Fort Tryon Park for a picnic with epic views, or head to Bushwick to discover the neighborhood’s open-air gallery of incredible street art. Get out there and get off the beaten track.

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Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to New York
  2. Stay at the Arlo NoMad
  3. Sail the Hudson River at sunset

2. Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! It’s so money. Of course, you’ll want to hit the strip to catch a show and see the sights. But before you max out in an all-you-can-eat buffet, check out one of the many celebrity chef restaurants popping up across town. Sample Nobu’s signature yellowtail sashimi or polish off the sticky-toffee pudding at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars. Just be sure to book ahead to avoid the lines.

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Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Las Vegas
  2. Stay at the Cromwell Hotel
  3. See the latest Cirque du Soleil show

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3. Chicago

The city’s famous for its thriving food scene, blues heritage, and historically talkative politicians. What you might not know is that it’s a hotbed of comedy innovation. Chicago’s the improv capital of the US, with troupes like The Second City kick-starting the careers of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler among others. Say ‘Yes and…’ if you get the chance to catch a show at one of the city’s iconic comedy clubs.

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Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Chicago
  2. Stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco
  3. Visit the Lincoln Lodge

4. Los Angeles

More than any other American city, LA is best explored as a series of neighborhoods. You’ve got Venice for laidback skater hangouts and hipster nightlife. Beverley Hills for high-end shopping and star-spotting. Koreatown for the best BBQ on the West Coast (don’t @ us). And that’s just the start of your journey into the City of Angels. Play it smart and you’ll feel like you’re taking multiple trips in one.

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Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Los Angeles
  2. Stay at the Palihouse Santa Monica
  3. Get Korean BBQ at Kogi

5. Miami

There’s no better place to feel the vibe than Miami. The city’s stunning Art Deco buildings evoke the glamor of the Jazz Age, while the Latin pulse of the Little Havana neighborhood fills everything from the food to the nightlife with warmth and energy. Throw in world-class beaches, Florida sunshine, and a vibrant cultural scene and it’s clear Miami has everything you need to start the party.

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Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Miami
  2. Stay at Room Mate Lord Balfour
  3. Visit Little Havana

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