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Top travel deals for Amazon Prime Day

Find out more about Amazon Prime Day and how to book cheap travel deals with Skyscanner.
  • Amazon Prime Day is one of the best times to book travel deals with Skyscanner
  • Book domestic or international flights during the flash sales event and you will be able to take advantage of cheap flights 
  • Search a wide range of destinations with the Skyscanner Everywhere Search function to find the best deal.
  • Cheap international flights for Amazon Prime Day include Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Iceland. 
  • Cheap domestic flights include Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, St Louis and Atlanta.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

The first Prime Day took place on July 15 2015, the anniversary of the founding of the company by chief executive Jeff Bezos. It proved such a success that it has become an annual occurance. This year, Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 p.m. ET (noon PT) on Monday, July 16. It runs through 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday night, July 17. It will start at noon on July 16 in the UK and Australia, and run for 36 hours in both countries. Offers will differ from country to country.

Amazon Prime Day is a flash sales event held by the American online retail giant Amazon. To participate, users must be signed up to Amazon Prime, a subscription service that gives users access to free, unlimited one-day delivery on many items, as well as Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and early access to deals.

Amazon Prime Day bargains

The effect of Amazon Prime Day has been compared to the Black Friday sales event. The volume of shoppers logging on to the internet during the event encourages other online companies to offer special deals to attract there share of available business. There will be a knock-on affect with Amazon Prime Day proving to be a great time to book cheap travel deals in July.


Great deals for travelers on Amazon Prime Day 

Consider searching for items on sale for Amazon Prime Day that will be useful on your next vacation. You can then find flight deals available with Skyscanner.

Useful items to consider buying on Amazon Prime Day include:

What are the top travel deals for Amazon Prime Day?

Take advantage of some of the best cheap travel deals in July by booking your flights during Amazon Prime Day.

Skyscanner Everywhere Search

If you have a clear idea of what destination you wish to fly to then you can search for flight deals quickly and easily by visiting the Skyscanner homepage or by downloading the free Skyscanner app. 

If you wish to view the best prices for travel deals during Amazon Prime Day, use the Skyscanner Everywhere Search function. Begin by entering an origin airport or simply enter the country that you wish to fly from. Instead of entering a specific airport or destination, type “Everywhere” into the box marked “To”. When you search, you will then see a range of destinations and prices to consider. You can enter a specific date that you wish to fly or you can indicate a month to search if your dates are flexible.

If you spot a country and price range that interests you, then you can click the arrow at the side and expand the box to see more details and specific flight deals available. This is the best way to identify the potential for securing a cheap travel deal during Amazon Prime Day. 

Domestic travel deals for Amazon Prime Day

There’s potential to find cheap flights for a summer vacation or domestic flights for later in the year with a search on Amazon Prime Day. You could find yourself a bargain with flights to some of the most popular destinations in the United States.

Domestic flight deals available include:

  • Fly to Orlando Florida from $49 for sunshine, beach resorts and some of the best theme parks in the world.
  • Visit St Louis on the banks of the Missisippi River by booking flights from as little as $33. 
  • Discover everything Atlanta, Georgia, has to offer by booking flights from $45 on Amazon Prime Day
  • Fly to Chicago from $49 for a city break. 
  • Fly to one of the entertainment capitals of the world with cheap flights to Las Vegas starting at $49. 

Cheap international flight deals on Amazon Prime Day

If you explore your flight options you will soon see there are many cheap flight deals available to book your next vacation. International flights that may interest you include: 

  • Fly to Aguadilla in Puerto Rico from as little as $103
  • Visit Toronto for an exciting city break when you book flights from $168
  • Flights to the resorts of Cancun in Mexico start at $164. 
  • Explore the island of Cuba with flights to Havana for $178. 
  • You could reach Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago for $202. 
Trinidad and Tobago

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