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Travel News Trip t​o Japan Cost Information 2019

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Trip t​o Japan Cost Information 2019

The cost of a trip to Japan can vary greatly. Here's what to expect on hostel/hotel prices, flight costs, transportation, food, and entertainment. (And our best travel tips for saving money!)

Trip to Japan Cost for Flights

The average trip to Japan cost for flights from the U.S. is around $800 roundtrip. Flights tend to be cheaper from the West Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle) but affordable flights can also be found from cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. Hawaii is one of the cheapest places to fly from, especially with budget airlines like Air Asia.

If you’re planning a trip from the U.S. to Japan, the best way to score a cheap flight is by setting a Price Alert on Skyscanner. We’ll notify you when flight prices drop from your departure city to your desired arrival city in Japan.

Flight Hack Tip 💰 : Considering combining your trip to Japan with a stopover in Hawaii. Incredibly cheap Japan flight deals can be found from Hawaii to Japan, and from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii. Look into booking two roundtrip flights instead of one to save on flight costs (and get a two-for-one vacation!).

Otherwise, here are some more awesome tips on finding incredible Japan flight deals!

Check out roundtrip flights from Honolulu to Osaka for as little as $193!

Trip to Japan Cost: Accommodations 

Cost of accommodation varies greatly in Japan, depending on your budget. Hostels are plentiful across the country for backpackers and budget travelers. Looking for luxury? Japan is home to some of the world’s best, top award-winning hotels.

Keep in mind, hotels in the most popular neighborhoods in Tokyo will cost more than a quiet neighborhood in Kyoto or in any less popular destinations. The below costs are meant as a general guide of average prices in Japan’s main cities.

Type of Accommodation Cost (total 1 person)
Hostels $15 – $40 for a dormitory bed
Budget Hotels and Capsule Hotels $25 – $75/individual room or capsule
Mid-range Hotels $75 – $150
Air Bnb (entire apt) $150/night
Luxury Hotels $150 – $500+

Transportation on a Trip to Japan Cost Information

Transportation within Japan is as seamless and fast as it gets. The bullet train runs between many major cities (Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka). Local trains are popular from the main cities to get to smaller cities and towns (i.e. Kyoto to Nara or Tokyo to Kamakura).

Buses are also available and typically run overnight between Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto. This bus will take 8+ hours compared to about 2.5 on the bullet trains. 

Bullet train cost:
$125+ (Tokyo –> Kyoto or Osaka)
Metro cost: Unlimited 1 day pass in Tokyo: Approx. $5.50
Bus cost: $35 – $70+ (Tokyo –> Kyoto or Osaka)
Local train cost:
1-hour journeys are approx. $7
Taxi cost: varies greatly but 4 miles is approx. $20 in major cities

Japan Transportation Tip 💰 : If you plan on mainly taking trains for your trip around Japan, it’s likely worth it to get the Japan Rail Pass, which costs about $260/person for a 7-day regular pass. (This would allow you to travel freely between Narita Airport-Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Hiroshima, including on some of the bullet trains.)

Japan trains are an adventure in themselves, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, flights may be the cheaper option. One way flights between Japanese cities can be found for as little as $27 one way!

On a budget? Look into flying between cities in Japan instead of taking the train.

*Prices valid as of August 24, 2018

Trip to Japan Cost of Entertainment

Cost of food in Japan

Food costs in Japan are similar to most places in the U.S. Lunch deals can be found for $5-$10 per person, including at ramen restaurants and burger joints. Restaurant costs for dinner (from average restaurants to more high-end) will typically be between $10-$30+/person.

At the popular sushi train restaurants, each small plate will typically cost between $1-$3.

Budget Tip 💰 : The local products in grocery stores are relatively inexpensive and make for great mid-day snacks. It’s also common in Japan – and inexpensive! – to grab bento box meal-sets from convenience stores (like 7Eleven) for meals-on-the-go.

Cost of activities in Japan

Whether you want to go snowboarding, explore Tokyo Disneyland, hit the lanes at a bowling alley, visit Japanese temples, catch a movie, or sing karaoke, Japan is one of the greatest countries in the world for entertainment. A safe estimate is to assume your activities will cost about $20/day per person. If you know you want to do some of the more expensive activities (think skiing or Disney!), this cost could be closer to $50+/day per person.