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Top 5 Underrated Summer Destinations

Are you looking for some unique summer vacation ideas? We picked out the top 5 most underrated places to travel to this summer, because who doesn’t love an underdog? Visit these incredible destinations without spending your life's savings and getting lost in the crowds!

1. Finland

Iceland continues to blow-up my Instagram feed on the daily with traveler’s quests to discover its incredible landscapes and 24-hour day light. Lucky for you, a similar summer phenomenon occurs in a less populated, yet equally as beautiful destination. One fourth of Finland sits above the Arctic circle, situated in direct sunlight for most of the summer. In fact, from mid-April to mid-August, there is never a sunset. Finland is the perfect place where you can experience the so called ‘white nights’ or midnight sunlight, minus hundreds of other tourists.

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2. Ethiopia

This underrated summer travel destination offers beautiful National parks, exquisite food and rich culture. If you are seeking a destination that is not commercialized with North American chains or overrun with tours, look no further than Ethiopia. In addition to its famous coffee, the country is said to be ‘the cradle of humanity’, where the human race first originated. Not only can you expect interesting history and architecture, including religious monuments such as Lalibela, but the Simien Mountains, Lake Tana and the Omo National Park offer incredible nature and wildlife experiences.

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3. Romania

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Eastern Europe, Romania is often overlooked for its Western neighbors. But don’t be fooled: Romania will blow your mind this summer. Explore the Bran castle in search of Dracula, sample a few of the country’s ample wineries, or hike the Carpathian mountains. If you still aren’t convinced, a glimpse at what the lively capital city of Bucharest can offer might change your mind. Take a look at the palace of parliament, noted to be the world’s heaviest building, ride a bike through the old town, or soak in the ‘Therme Bucuresti’, a magnificent indoor spa that may even top the famous thermal baths of Budapest.

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4. England

You don’t have to fly all the way to the Maldives to lounge on a beautiful beach when the coasts of England are more accessible and affordable! West coast towns like St. Ives and Penzance are known for their surf and offer up some seriously pretty views while they are at it. Further east along the south, the Isle of Portland offers white sand beaches, or the impressive rock formations off Jurassic coast compare to Malta’s recently collapsed rock wall. All in all, the beaches of England are both ridiculously beautiful and completely underrated, meaning you can enjoy some sun and sand in solitude.

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5. Russia

Russia is another highly underrated holiday destination which seems to fly under most travelers’ radars. However, Russia offers some of the most unique and breathtaking experiences that you may wish to cross off you bucket list. Visit the staggering and vividly coloured Saint Basil’s Cathedral, discover centuries of rich history in St. Petersburg, or catch a ride on the infamous Trans-Siberian railway. With so much to see and do, you will certainly be happy you visited!

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The travel industry will always ebb and flow as new destinations emerge as top trendsetters. Instead of following the top contenders, why not try out the underrated travel destinations for your summer holiday? They will not only be less crowded and less expensive, but are sure to still offer up epic experiences!

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