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USC Spring Break Vacation Planner

Spring Break is quickly approaching and what better way to take advantage of your days off than to explore a new destination? Skyscanner has analyzed data from thousands of flights & hotels booked in March of 2018 from LAX airport to predict the best deals for your USC Spring Break 2019.

When is University of Southern California’s Spring Break?

According to USC’s academic calendar, spring break takes place from
Sunday, March 10 through Sunday, March 17. What does that mean for you? 9 potential days you could be chilling on the beach, dancing until the sun goes down, doing absolutely nothing in a beautiful destination, trying new foods & experiencing new cultures.

The Ultimate College Spring Break Vacation Planner

Top Travel Deals from LAX for Spring Break

Our deal hunters recommend the following Spring Break destinations based on their incredible flight & hotel prices

DestinationRound-trip flight
deals from *
deals from*
Las Vegas$95$18/night
New York City$292$25/night
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico$283$8/night
San Francisco$117$23/night
San Jose Cabo, Mexico$245$20/night

*Prices were updated on 2-8-19 and are subject to change

Most Popular USC Spring Break Destinations

Have FOMO? Worry no more. Skyscanner has pulled the most popular destinations booked for spring break in 2018 to predict where students are most likely to travel in 2019. The destinations below are based on destinations with the most flights booked from LAX over USC’s spring break period.

Spring Break Flight Deals 2019
DestinationAvg. Round-trip flight price
1. Las Vegas, NV$140
2. New York, NY$342
3. Cancun, MX$307
4. San Francisco, CA$134
5. San Jose Cabo, MX$271
6. Denver, CO$130
7. Seattle, WA$200
8. Mexico City, MX$249
9. Oakland, CA$133
10. Guadalajara, MX$190
group of friends outside posing for a picture
USC Spring Break ultimate trip!

Trending Spring Break Destinations from LAX

Wondering which destinations have become more popular over the years? Find a list of the top 10 trending destinations that have increased the most in flight bookings from 2016-2018 from LAX.

Destination% Increase in flights booked from 2016-18
Cancun, MX148%
San Jose Cabo, MX143%
Puerto Vallarta, MX120%
Reykjavik, Iceland103%
Paris, France96%
Mexico City, MX77%
London, UK72%
Guadalajara, MX68%
New Orleans, LA57%
Honolulu, HI51%
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