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Travel News 10 Vegan Hotels to Book for an Eco-friendly Stay

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10 Vegan Hotels to Book for an Eco-friendly Stay

Being vegan is no longer a West Coast fad. Whether it's to fight against animal cruelty, or reduce a carbon footprint, people everywhere are taking up the ethos of plant-based life.

As the desire to be vegan grows across our population, so does the scope of offerings — from food to clothes to cars — that can be created sans animal cruelty and environmental degradation. The ideals of a vegan are often similar to those of green travelers, and so, too, are the struggles — like finding a place to stay. At Skyscanner, we’re committed to helping travelers find greener options when choosing accommodation. In this article, we’re exploring 10 incredible vegan hotels to book in the USA.

In 2020, one trend we’re following closely is green travel. Green travelers consider the reduction of their carbon footprint as a guiding principle for how they travel. By searching for sustainable alternatives in food, lodging, and transportation while on the move, green travelers push the hotel industry to become more eco-conscious in construction, energy usage, and waste management.

vegan hotels in the U.S.
Vegan hotels in the USA have not caught on as quickly as in Southeast Asia

What is a Vegan Hotel?

The concept of a fully vegan hotel is a relatively new idea. It was only last year that the first 100% plant-based hotels started gaining more press.

The first was a suite built by the Hilton London Bankside in England. This vegan room features furniture, bedding, room service, cleaning materials, and hygiene products that are 100% plant-based. Even the check-in desk and room cards are vegan and sustainably crafted.

While more and more common in Europe, vegan hotels in the USA are still few and far between. For the purposes of this article, the accommodations listed as vegan hotels are spots which offer vegan food options for guests, but may not be 100% vegan in terms of furnishing and operations. Still, most of these hotels rank high on the eco-conscious scale.

Eco-Conscious Hotels

Green travelers are aiming to match their personal sustainability goals with where they stay. Eco-conscious hotels offer green travelers the opportunity to do this by offerings things such as composting programs or utility equipment that saves water and energy.

All programs are different, but what relates to sustainable lodgings is a commitment to decreasing their footprint. Travelers can even use organizations like LEED to verify and certify the green-chops of eco-conscious hotels.

Vegan Hotels in the USA

Although the vegan hotel trend is still picking up speed here in the USA, these lodgings do a great job of providing vegan options for the most basic need: vegan food. Since veganism is largely about the environment, staying at a vegan hotel is a great way to embody sustainable travel.

Read on for some hotels across the country that are taking the vegan game seriously.

1. Wilmington, North Carolina: Dreamers Welcome

Dreamers Welcome hotel room in North Carolina, USA
Minimalistic and chic hotel room at Dreamers Welcome

Dreamers Welcome is a bed and breakfast just off the coast of Wilmington, a popular beach retreat in North Carolina. When you enter Dreamers Welcome, you enter a hotel that thinks minimalistic in everything it does. From the chic-design of each room to paper usage, less is more. The B & B keeps a vegan kitchen and offers a vegan menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2. Mendocino, California: Stanford Inn by the Sea

Yummy vegan breakfast at The Stanford Inn in California, USA
Delicious Portobello Benedict for breakfast (complimentary for overnight guests!)

Less than 200 miles from San Francisco, tucked into California’s Lost Coast, is The Stanford Inn by the Sea. At The Stanford Inn, an on-staff nutritionist helps craft vegan meals for guests to enjoy during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the meals in between.

Ravens Restaurant at The Stanford Inn not only cooks a wide variety of plant-based options, but it composts leftovers and sources ingredients from Big River Nurseries, an organic garden found on-site. On special nights, Ravens Restaurant whips up vegan-twists on traditional ethnic foods for their plant-based guests. To be even more sustainable, the Inn also has a recycling and composting program and uses bio-diesel fueled trucks in hotel operations.

3. Los Angeles, California: The Treehouse

View of Los Angeles skyline and Griffith observatory

The Bel Air Treehouse bills itself as a boho-chic hideaway in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. Rather than a bustling hotel, The Bel Air Treehouse is a sanctuary for vegans to retreat. The Treehouse aims to be a zero-waste establishment and even offers plant-based courses for immersive staycationing in Los Angeles. At the Treehouse, guests will have custom-made vegan meals, alternative kinds of milk, and biodynamic breakfasts, like yogurt from the Forager Project. The Treehouse serves food from organic farms that specialize in growing diverse crops. For this hotel, where the food came from is just as important as where it ends up.

4. Austin, Texas: Park Lane Guest House

Table set up with vegan meal at Park Lane Guest House in Austin
A table set for two with vegan tacos at the Park Lane Guest Hotel

Park Lane Guest House checks out as another B & B offering fresh vegan meals to guests of their city. Austin is a town known for barbecue and honkey-tonks. However, as more tech companies have moved to ATX for the fair climate and progressive makeup, vegan tastes have followed.

Park Lane leads the wave of vegan hotels in the USA. While billed as a vegetarian B & B, the website and reviews make it clear that vegan diets are only one request away (sometimes, even closer than that). In addition to the eco-friendly fare, Park Lane offers eco-conscious accommodations. A few of their green practices include using solar-power and organic (cruelty-free!) cleaning products. Visiting ATX? Stay at Park Lane.

5. Portland, Oregon: The Nines Hotel

The stunning Corner Queen room at The Nines Hotel

The Nines Hotel is itself not a vegan accommodation, but the prized restaurant on top of the building fully caters to plant-based guests. From the rooftop, the restaurant Departure offers hotel guests vegan room service, and dedicated vegan and gluten-free menus for dining out. Dishes like red curry and kimchi fried rice are only some of the veggie sourced options available at The Nines’ restaurant. In addition to offering delicious vegan fare, The Nines is a LEED-certified hotel, making it an eco-conscious, sustainable travel spot as well.

6. High Falls, New York: The Gray Barn

Vegan hotel room interior of The Gray Barn in New York
Cozy hotel room at The Gray Barn; photo by Melissa Cacioppo

Built on-site of the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, this hotel aligns with a larger vision. The Gray Barn in High Falls is on a mission to “promote a compassionate and earth-friendly culture.”

Beginning with a 100% plant-based seasonal breakfast, The Gray Barn demonstrates its commitment to animal welfare in an abundance of ways. Inside the rooms, you’ll find vegan-friendly hygiene products and linens. Additionally, the hotel staff’s cleaning materials are curated with the same attention and consideration. The Gray Barn is an ethical stay in the depths of the Hudson Valley.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana: Selina Catahoula Hotel

Vegan dumplings served at Catahoula Hotel in Louisiana, USA
Vegan Nighthawk Dumplings stuffed with a filling of shiitakes, tofu, carrots, and cabbage with housemade chilli oil

Although the Selina Catahoula in New Orleans isn’t a purely vegan hotel, there’s plenty of vegan dining options. Operating as a boutique hotel in NOLA’s trendy Central Business District, the Selina Catahoula Hotel is a great place to begin your food tour across the Crescent City.

Even though this a town known for meat-heavy muffulettas, gumbo, and cochon de lait, New Orleans has a sneakily growing vegetarian and vegan scene. One eatery leading the way is Piscobar, the restaurant nestled into the Selina Catahoula. In fact, with such a unique pan-Asian plant-based menu, you may not make it outside the hotel during your whole trip.

8. Vieques, Puerto Rico: Finca Victoria

Finca Victoria vegan hotel in Vieques
The gorgeous Finca Victoria surrounded by Vieques leafy landscape

Finca Victoria provides guests with an opportunity to enjoy a vegan life while in paradise. Vieques, Puerto Rico is known for its bioluminescent bay and wild horses; the natural world is important here. Finca provides the vegan hotel experience for guests from a 100% plant-based kitchen. In addition to vegan breakfast and picnic snacks with which you can explore the island, Finca is also a pop-up vegan restaurant on Friday nights. Accordingly, the four-course dinner series is sourced from an on-site garden. Expect the free time activities at Finca Victoria to be as earth-connecting as the food.

9. Miami, Florida: Whitelaw Hotel

View of Miami skyline at sunset

When you’re partying on South Beach, nourishing your body can seem like a secondary concern. Staying at the Whitelaw Hotel can take the thought out of it. The Whitelaw makes its US vegan hotel claim from the in-house restaurant, Plant Theory. During your stay at this boutique hotel, you can dine on jackfruit burgers, fruit smoothies, or a full raw-foods menu. Later, satisfy your sweet tooth with cashew cheesecake. Despite all this delicious vegan food, guests should be aware that plant-based principles don’t appear to extend into operations: the Whitelaw clearly lists items like goose-down comforters as amenities.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada: Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace French Empire Bedroom

Who would expect to find healthy, ethical dining options in the heart of Sin City? Caesars Palace qualifies as a vegan hotel due to the abundance of dining options, though it is cut from a different cloth than other plant-based lodgings in the USA.

At Caesars, you can dine on vegan-friendly grub at the hotel restaurant, Bacchanal Buffet, albeit you will have to make requests to have dishes made to your own preferences. Fortunately, there are other in-house options to make vegan dining a little easier. Caesars Palace has Nobu Restaurant, where you can sample vegetable sushi of the highest flavor, or enjoy vegan pasta at Rao’s.

Although Caesars doesn’t extend vegan principles into their furnishing, the hotel does have some aggressive green standards for energy use and waste management. You can rest your head in eco-conscious comfort.