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Where is Colombia? (and Why You Need to Go in 2019!)

Where to find Colombia on a map and (more importantly) all the top reasons why you need to visit this incredible South American country!

Where is Colombia?

“But where is Colombia exactly?” you wonder after seeing pictures of Cartagena’s beaches or the Cocora Valley’s towering palm trees.

Colombia is a South American country, tucked away in the north-west corner of the continent. Colombia’s 139-mile-long border with Panama is the only point at which Central America connects to South America.

Colombia has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. To the south, Colombia meets Ecuador and Peru. And to the west, Brazil and Venezuela also share Colombia’s border.

Approximately 50 million people live in Colombia, a country about twice the size of Texas.

Reasons to Visit Colombia

Nature in Colombia

Where is Colombia’s best view? For adventure-lovers, it’s from the sky! Paragliding outside of Medellin will have you soaring above coffee plantations, butterfly-strewn valleys, and past cascading waterfalls.

If parachutes aren’t your thing, journey *up* from the town of Santa Marta on the winding roads to Minca. Hammocks are abundant here and lazing the days away is encouraged. However, if you get antsy, plenty of waterfall treks can be found in the surrounding mountains. The views from the tops stretch above the clouds, over lush, rolling hills. On clear days you can spot the Caribbean in the distance.

Option #3 for the best view? From Colombia’s most colorful town, Guatape, you can reach El Peñol, a massive rock that towers above the green, lake-strewn countryside. Climb the 740 steps (they’re numbered!) to reach the top and, afterward, relax with rewarding views and ice cream.

Cities in Colombia

Interested in Colombia’s infamous cartel-leader, Pablo Escobar? Tours will take you to the famous spots around Medellin and out to his many getaway-houses scattered across the Colombian countryside. You can even paintball in one of Pablo’s old home.

Colombia has great weather year-round. In fact, Medellin is frequently called the City of Eternal Spring and the country is one of our top 5 winter sun destinations.

In Colombia’s eccentric capital, pay a visit to the Gold Museum and learn more about Colombia’s past. After that, set out on a jaw-dropping graffiti tour to experience the modern Bogota.

Cartagena is the perfect seaside city to combine Cerveza-filled beach days with music-filled evenings 💃.

Safety in Colombia

Colombia has become an increasingly popular vacation destination for people all over the world, despite bringing images to mind of drug violence and war for older generations (or fans of the show Narcos).

So where is Colombia ranking in terms of safety?

Millions of tourists visit Colombia every year without incident. In fact, we recommend Colombia as one of the 10 best countries to travel alone.

The biggest danger in most large cities is petty theft, which is mitigated by taking standard precautions such as being aware of surroundings, wearing a money belt, and securing bags, among others.

Colombia’s risk of natural disasters is relatively high. For example, cyclones, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes have all caused problems in the past. Tourists are also encouraged to take precautions from mosquitos due to the risk of Zika, Malaria, and Yellow Fever, among others.

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