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Travel News The Best Places to go for Wine Tourism in Portugal

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The Best Places to go for Wine Tourism in Portugal

The Douro Valley is, indisputably, the most famous wine-producing region in Portugal but there’s a lot more to discover in this small country when it comes to wine tourism. Take note of these five wine tours in Portugal for your next visit.

  ## **_Vinhos Verdes_ Route** When it comes to a unique experience in wine tourism, it doesn’t get more Portuguese than _vinho verde_ (or green wine in English, meaning a young wine, not exactly green in color). Alvarinho and Arinto are the most known grape kinds, and they usually produce a wine that is fresher and fruitier, recommended for hot Summers. The Minho zone in the Northwest, home to the _Vinho Verde_ wine region, is famous for breathtaking mountain and beach views and cultural heritage older than the country itself. Recommended wine tour: [Rota do Vinho Verde Alvarinho](,ACRO_IDIOMA:2,EN) ## **Setúbal Peninsula Route** Hands down, Moscatel wine is the most popular kind in Setúbal. This sweet, fortified wine has become a sort of calling card for this region to the south of river Tagus, but there’s a lot more to uncover. In recent years, wines produced in this region have become more popular in Portugal and abroad, with unique brands created by small, family-owned businesses. Recommended wine tour: [Rota das Vinhas do Pó]( [![Where to go for Wine Tourism in Portugal]( “Where to go for Wine Tourism in Portugal”)](  ## **Bairrada Route** One of the first regions in Portugal to produce sparkling wine, making the best of the ocean-influenced climate. To this date, Bairrada is still mostly known for its sparkling wine production. Guided wine tours are rare in this region, but you can make your own tasting tours by visiting top restaurants in Aveiro or Figueira da Foz, the region’s popular oceanside cities. Recommended visit: [Bairrada Wine Museum in Anadia]( Search for Flight Deals to Portugal ## **Alentejo Route** Last but not least, Alentejo is the land of sunshine, cereal fields stretching for miles, and ruby-colored full-bodied wines. Pair that with top-notch traditional cuisine and a local tendency to take things slow and you got yourself the perfect destination to wind down. The best wine tourism experience in Alentejo is one that allows you to immerse yourself in all of this, in the heart of the region. Recommended wine tourism experience: [Herdade do Esporão]( Where will you be heading for wine tourism in Portugal? [![Skyscanner Mobile App](](  

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