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How to see the great outdoors from home

We know times are tough for travelers. There’s a whole world out there, but you can’t go further than your front door. To keep you dreaming of where you’ll go when this moment passes, we’re creating a series of guides that bring the world to you. It’ll never replace the real thing, but hopefully, it’ll remind you of all the wonders out there ready to explore someday soon. 

In our latest guides, we looked at the world’s best museums you can explore from home and how to experience some of the world’s greatest performances from the comfort of your sofa. This time, we’re going wild — well, sort of. These nature videos and wildlife camera streams will transport you from mountain tops to deep blue straits without ever leaving your living room.

Machu Picchu, Peru

This ancient Incan citadel high in the Andes mountains is on many a bucket list. But while you can’t go there right now to see it for yourself, in the meantime, you can view this Wonder of the World in high definition and with your very own audio guide to lead you.

See the ancient structures via webcams on this online portal, from several 360-degree perspectives, and learn more about its fascinating history. Best of all, you won’t need to endure the four-day Inca trail to reach it. 

Sol Duc Falls Trail, USA

Walking meditatively in the forest, or the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing, is proven to reduce stress, improve happiness, and inspire creativity. While the real world is off-limits, this four-hour hiking video is the next best thing.

Don your hiking boots, if you like, or simply sit back and enjoy the slow, meditative stroll along the Sol Duc Falls Trail in Olympic National Park. The 4K Relaxation Channel has some 59 trails to choose from, including Cedar Butte, Kaena Point, and Sunset Beach. 

Trondheim to Bødø, Norway

The Arctic Nordland Line is not your average train ride. Not only is it Norway’s longest rail line, it’s also its most scenic. The epic 10-hour journey begins in the university town of Trondheim, ending 729 kilometres north deep in the Norwegian Arctic Circle. 

This real time video takes you all the way along the Nordland Line from Trondheim Station to the Arctic coastal town of Bødø. Not only is it as far north as you can travel by train in Norway, but also the only rail line in the world to cross the Arctic Circle.

Robson Bight, Canada

Nature is thriving while humans have been on lockdown. There have been sightings of wild dolphins in Sicilian ports, wild boar in Barcelona, Sika deer in Nara, Japan, and even elephants patrolling the streets of Kerala.

However, catching a glimpse of orcas in this picturesque ecological reserve on the northeastern shore of Vancouver Island isn’t as surprising, as the majestic killer whales call Johnstone Strait home. Catch them on this live YouTube camera.

National Parks, USA

The National Parks Service (NPS) has installed hundreds of wildcams in national parks across America. These webcams help the NPS track air quality in some of the country’s most protected land. But they’re also a great way to experience stunning landscapes from the East to West Coast including Yosemite, Joshua Tree, the Great Smoky Mountains, and many more.

Not to mention the Bear cams and Bald Eagle Nest cams, which are a great way to spend a few moments with the parks’ most infamous residents. 

Loch of Lowes, Scotland

This wildlife reserve near Dunkeld in Perth is home to thousands of species of wild animals. The most popular is without a doubt the family of ospreys that lives high in the treetops overlooking the water.

Some brave soul installed a wildlife camera way up in the canopy to observe the birds in their natural habitat. Watch them tending to their nest or bringing freshly caught fish to their young. Or, simply leave the video playing and enjoy the soothing sounds of Scottish wildlife in the background.

Laikipia County, Kenya

African wildcam website Explore has 12 cameras trained on savannas, forest floors, and watering holes across the continent in countries including Kenya, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Switch between these live animal cameras to catch gorillas, giraffes, hippos, and elephants going about their daily business.

Explore has a number of webcams across Laikipia County streaming wild monkeys surveying their canopied kingdoms and bison grazing near a watering hole amongst others.

Channel Islands Kelp Forest, USA

You’ve travelled from Peruvian mountain tops and African savannas, to Scandinavian fjords and North American forest trails. Now it’s time to head underwater with this live camera in Landing Cove, Anacapa Island.

Anacapa is one of five islands in the Channel Island National Park, an Area of Special Biological Significance. Watch underwater wildlife traverse the amber-colored kelp forest and who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot a sea lion among the fish.

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