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World’s 7 most underrated vacation destinations

Escape regular vacation spots and take a trip to one of these great, underrated destinations ready to give you lasting memories.

We all want to get out of our daily rut with an amazing vacation. But a lot of us tend to go to the same spots. What about those countries that might not get the same tourist traffic? They deserve some love, too. That’s why we’ve went through all of the searches on to find some hidden gems that didn’t have many people looking to visit.

1. Cook Islands

The whole point of vacations is to escape to someplace you’ve never been. And the Cook Islands certainly fits that bill. These 15 islands to the northeast of New Zealand give guests the feeling of being a castaway in a tropical paradise. Thousands of years of Polynesian culture are on display on islands like Mau’ke and Mangaia, where you can see village life in person. If that doesn’t do it for you, then treks through the dense jungle, or a relaxing respite on alabaster beaches of One Foot Island will give you exactly what you want.

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2. Martinique

The moment you start to look around Martinique you’ll wonder how so few people have looked into visiting this gem of the Caribbean Sea. This place might look a little busy when you go through the capital of Fort-de-France, but the scenery outside of the city is just stunning. The northern portion of the island has an incredible rainforest, while the south is loaded with miles of beautiful beaches and other wonders like Diamond Rock.

3. Guam

Japanese tourists know Guam as a great vacation spot, but not many Americans visit. That’s a little strange since it’s a US territory, and you can explore much of what it has to offer in just a couple of days. You should shop ‘til you drop in the duty-free spots in Tumon Bay to get those prized souvenirs. But we urge you to head south to check out the rural villages, rainforests, picturesque waterfalls, stunning beaches and amazing sunsets like above.

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4. Cape Verde

We’re heading out into the eastern Atlantic Ocean to find this gorgeous spectacle. Cape Verde is arguably the most westernized country, but there’s a great deal of natural beauty to be discovered. Hikers can fall in love with the paths that will take them through luscious floral valleys and sugarcane fields that surround some towering mountains. Want to get a taste of the area’s culture? Head to Mindelo, where the fun and great music lasts until the early morning hours. And if you party a little too hard, you can just chill out on an oasis like Chaves Beach.

5. Slovakia

Many tourists glance over Slovakia, but they’re really missing out on a special place. Outdoorsy folks can go hiking around waterfalls surrounded by dense forests, or trek to the peak of the Tatra Mountains that help create a natural border with Poland. There are also a large amount of ancient castles throughout the nation, so get a little taste of royalty with the country’s great folk culture.

6. Paraguay

We won’t hold it against you if you’ve never thought of traveling to Paraguay. It gets unfairly overlooked for folks visiting South America by going to its neighbors Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay gets you out of the touristy places on the continent by giving a true feel of South America. You can see extremes of fancy shopping districts and unbelievable natural beauty in places like Ybycuí National Park.

7. Mongolia

A trip to Mongolia is in order for the travelers that love some rugged adventures. You can rough it on the vast countryside like the nomads of the country are known for in a traditional yurt. And while the nation is still developing, it’s one with plenty of natural experience that will make memories that last for the rest of your life.

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