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These are the Worst U.S. Airports in 2019

Sometimes, to reach the perfect destination for the right price you'll encounter less than ideal travel conditions. This may include traveling through some of the busiest, and most challenging, airports in America.

The list of the worst U.S. airports encompasses some of the country’s most important travel hubs. Chances are, you will visit at least one of these airports, so use this list to prepare for your travel day. Be conscious of the potential for queues and keep your eye on the prize–that vacation awaits you on the other side.

As we discuss below, every airport has its positive and negative sides. You can keep these in mind while you’re booking cheap flights with Skyscanner.

This top ten worst U.S airports list is based on AirHelp‘s survey results of International airports published in May 2019. It was also informed by details from the North America Airport Satisfaction Study. AirHelps’s survey covers the top end of international airports so low performers are still ahead of the pack globally.

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Worst U.S airports: Passenger prepares to catch a flight

10. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Approaching Seattle-Tacoma involves a series of turns of the city, and the airport often has a crowded flight path, so it has a less than ideal record for delayed flights. This may have contributed to its ratings as one of the worst U.S airports. As Seattle-Tacoma is a layover hub for international flights, the potential for delayed flights might be worth noting when you book.

The airport has fairly basic food and drink facilities, but, as this is Seattle, you will never be far from a Starbucks! The airport is accessible from downtown Seattle, which is a plus, and passengers continue to arrive here on cheap flights each week.

9. Las Vegas Mccarron International Airport

There’s ferocious demand for cheap flights to Las Vegas and, chances are, you will land at Mccarron International Airport. Noted concerns from passengers include terminal seating, cleanliness and queuing times. Yet, this still remains the most efficient way to reach the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

8. Denver International

A busy airport serving the ski resorts and major cities of Colorado, Denver International Airport ranks as one of the worst U.S. airports–listed below other airports of similar size in the United States. Some passengers view the airport as outdated with the need for more modern facilities but on the plus side, the selection of food and drink options is largely considered positive. Options include local craft beer bars, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Smashburger, and all-day dining at Denver Central Market.

7. Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport, the gateway to Florida’s most popular theme parks and resorts, copes with the surge of seasonal vacation travelers. However, passengers rate the accessibility of the airport as poor and highlight queuing times as an issue. Although outdated, there are some aspects of the airport to consider like the arrival of cheap flights to Florida at Orlando Airport.

Worst U.S airports: A group of passengers prepares to catch a flight

6. Los Angeles International Airport

One of the famous airports in the country is not one of the most loved. LAX came in second-to-last among 28 mega-airports in the North America Airport Satisfaction Study making it one of the worst U.S airports.

The airport is currently undergoing renovations that included the construction of a $1.6 billion terminal and the addition of more stores and restaurants. This could improve the overall travel experience at Los Angeles International Airport though.

5. San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport has low scores for terminal seating and queuing times. Airport shopping is lacking, but you will find WiFi connectivity here and an adequate selection of food and drinks. Flight delays remain an issue, scoring in the top five airports in America for delayed flights.

4. O’Hare International Airport

O’Hare is one of the world’s busiest airports, but travelers are not always impressed by the experience. Delays due to weather are common at this location, as are flight cancellations. O’Hare is near the bottom of customer ratings in the mega-airport category, defined as those handling more than 32.5 million annual passengers, making it one of the worst U.S airports.

3. Boston Logan International Airport

Logan Airport has been an important arrival point for Boston travelers since the 1920s. A patchwork of upgrades and renovations has aimed to improve the passenger experience, but criticism continues as the airport struggles to keep pace with the increasing number of flights–including a growing roster of international routes. Ease of movement through the terminals has been highlighted as an issue.

2. John F. Kennedy International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport ranks as the second worst airport in America, yet it’s the most popular choice for travelers to New York–millions of passengers come and go from here every year. Issues highlighted by travelers at JFK Airport include cleanliness, services, on-time departures, navigation, and ease of getting to and from Manhattan.

1. Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport, the bustling New Jersey travel hub, is rated low for on-time performance, service quality, and shopping options. Congestion delaying car travel to the airport and consistent flight delays are factors that affect the overall perception of the airport from passengers.

Before you book your next vacation, consider the Best U.S. Airports in 2019.