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Jordan's capital is an international economic hotspot, and bursting at the seams with a booming population. Multinational corporations have made it the second largest hub for economics, only behind Dubai, but despite this, tourism thrives. Experience the blend of multiple ethnic cuisines, where Mediterranean meets Arabian flavors. Check out ancient ... Read more
temples and modern souks standing side-by-side in the downtown heart of al-Balad. Marvel at the Citadel Hill and Temple of Hercules. Or simply immerse yourself in the burgeoning nightlife scene, and join throngs of tank-top-clad Middle Eastern youth at the city's wealth of nightclubs and shisha (hookah) lounges.

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  • Dead Sea
    9.236 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site
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  • Roman Theatre
    8.418 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryFamilies
  • Temple of Hercules
    9.811 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site
    Popular withHistoryAdventure
  • West Amman
    9.511 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Guided Tour
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Top Amman restaurants

  • Hashem Restaurant
    9.65 reviews
    Middle Eastern & African, Mediterranean
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • Wazzup Dog
    10.01 review
    Fast Food, Hot Dogs
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackers
  • JR The Wine Experience
    10.01 review
    Wine Bar
    Popular withNightlifeArtsy
  • The Cafe
    10.02 reviews
    Popular withVegetarianFoodies

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So many shops and locals! Excellent way to get a true taste of Amman! BEST food in town as well!

Recommended for:FoodiesBackpackersHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers
Miravet, Spain
First to Review

Any first time visitor to Amman may be forgiven for thinking that the place is just one huge, unplanned sprawl. While that may be true, the city is an interesting metaphor for the confidence sweeping Arab nations, though in this case the American influence is strong to see. Much like Beirut now and Cairo in the 1960s, Amman is a fascinating, cosmpolitan city representing not just the crossroads of various Arab cultures, but also touch points with the west. My broad characterisation of the place is not dissimilar to parts of Germany or Switzerland: one the one hand embracing the global village, on the other, quite conservative and rightly holding on to its own traditions and identity. For all of those reasons, I love the place.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory Buffs
Los Angeles, California, USA

Amman was the gateway to The Holy Land in Jordan. As Jordan's largest city, it's busy and crowded, with lots of cars and people. Coming into and out of the city, you see scores of homes and businesses along rolling hills. What a sight to see! The streets were clean and we were treated very nicely by the locals. To get around, know where you need to go based on the 8 circles. Most importantly, it helps to know which circle your hotel is located.

New York City, New York State, USA

Amman is a wonderful city that I want to explore more. The Old Testament makes much more sense when you see Jordan.


Amman is Really beautiful , u can enjoy the variety of touristic places and other Green landscapes , the most amazig thing about Amman is the hospetality of it's people , however, there are amazing shopping malls that can help u to find souvenirs for ur family and friends
I remamber when i visited Amman we stayed in AL Narjis hotel in BAYADER ... where we enjoyed the hospetality of Circassians :)

Mero, Dominica

Amman has a large history,the Dead Sea and all the landmarks are stunning,it is however very expensive to stay here.


Friendly people and clean city with very nice restaurants with local food. The old market is a bit of a busy crazy place but still interesting to visit.

Local from Amman, Jordan

Jordan is where i live i came here when i was five because my dad finished his study in Ukraine so we came to Jordan and i start studying her i have good family and really good friends i love them all . Jordan have a lot of places to visit that i didn't visit yet and i really want to visit :)


I had a wonderful time

Recommended for:Budget Travelers

Jordan the best !!!

Recommended for:Business TravelersWellnessBackpackersHistory Buffs