An Ultimate Guide To Explore "The Orange City Nagpur"

RAVI Kr. Jha
RAVI Kr. Jha
New Delhi, India

Nagpur, “the Orange City of India,” is Maharashtra's third largest city with highest literacy rate in the Country. It is one of the important Indian cities in terms of tourism including Deekshabhoomi, Ram Jhula Cable Bridge, Zero Mile Point, and others. Nagpur is actually the winter capital of Maharashtra. This picturesque state attracts nature and history lovers across the year. The existence of human beings in this region of the world dates back to eighth century BC. Also, the city rank amongst the best greenest cities that India has. Nagpur has got scenic landscape thanks to the wildlife sanctuaries and parks.

So, here I'm going to list top-rated places, hotels, restaurants and review them to make your Nagpur tour memorable.

Last updated at Oct 12, 2018