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Located in south central Alaska and sporting the state's largest population at over three hundred thousand, Anchorage has something for both city people and outdoorsy types. This sprawling city has areas that are fairly underdeveloped, providing for great places to enjoy the natural environment year round without even leaving the urban area. ... Read more
Amazingly, there are over 200 miles worth of bike trails. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a great example that gives cyclists a view of the waterfront of beautiful downtown Anchorage. May to September is considered the ideal time to visit, as temperatures are relatively pleasant which adds to the lushness of the surrounding natural riches. The Anchorage Zoo, the Museum of History and Art, and the Alaskan Heritage Center are popular year round, and the city’s many bars provide a great nightlife. Anchorage is indeed the most significant city in the state, and visiting here will surely leave a lasting impression on any preconceived notions of a frigid, barren Alaska.

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Anybody but an Eskimo would probably choose to head to Alaska in the summer, when nights are loooong and the temperatures are more, shall we say, welcoming (around 70F in Anchorage). However, winter in Alaska ... Read more
is ripe for discovery, with activities like dogsledding in droves and the opportunity to see the fabled Northern Lights adorning the night sky. Just pack your hat and gloves, as you can expect temperatures not to rise above freezing for your entire visit.

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The airport is really laid back and isn’t too large that you get lost. You instantly get that outdoorsy adventurous feel of the last frontier as you walk through the airport which is a nice welcome to the state of Alaska.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsGreen TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Local from Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Make Anchorage your base before setting out to explore the great state of Alaska. Wide range of outdoor activities in all seasons are very close to Anchorage. The city has everything you need to stock up for an adventure or let loose after one.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily Travelers
New York City, New York State, USA

I only spent 24 hours in this city but I was completely blown away. It's absolutely beautiful (and I went during the "summer" time). Surprisingly the food here is incredible and there are a ton of whole in the wall restaurants for every thing you could want. Definitely a place I hope to return to.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodies
Pittsford (town), New York

Anchorage is a fairly bustling urban area surrounded by picturesque nature & opportunities for outdoor activities. Alaska's largest city (population around 300,000) is a center for tourism, military operations & transportation. The airport is the world's third busiest cargo hub. There are plenty of options, nearby, for hiking, fishing, camping & mountain climbing. Yet, within the city are well-known stores (including Nordstroms), a variety of restaurants, hotels (including major brands), museums & public transportation. We enjoyed Anchorage as a nice change from the smaller cities & towns of Alaska.

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Seattle, Washington, USA

Flying into Anchorage you get a birds eye view of the extraordinary mountain range covered in snow. It is a majestic welcome to Alaska.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersAdventure Travelers
San Francisco, California, USA

When you're in Anchorage be sure to check out the Glacier Brewhouse and don't forget to take a ride on the Alaskan Railroad!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersAdventure Travelers
Benton, Kansas, USA

My cousins live here. They are Alaskan Indians. I get the weather report from them to compare here.

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Lehi, Utah, USA

Love Anchorage, its a great place for all ages. I didn't know how diverse anchorage is, but it is the most diverse city in North America. More languages are spoken there than any other city in teh USA! Amazing scenery.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFamily TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
El Monte, California, USA

When you are here, you must take a jet flight to look the the most spectacular and breathtaking views!

Recommended for:Family TravelersAdventure Travelers
Savannah, Georgia, USA

I don't judge Anchorage fairly because it is a perfectly nice city in the middle of amazing nature if Alaska. Personally I like the non-urban parts of Alaska, the remoter the better. Anchorage is an urban-renewal success story and has a very good museum for spending several hours and good restaurants.

Recommended for:Family TravelersHistory Buffs