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Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves

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Maharashtra 431117, India
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Along with the nearby Ellora monuments, this group of 29 caves hewn out of a cliffside in rural Maharashtra are the finest examples of rock-cut architecture in the world. Completed in two phases ... Read more
(scholars dispute the dates) around 200BC and 600AD, these Buddhist monuments are divided into chaityas (prayer halls) and viharas (a monastery of open cells); some of the later caves are unfinished, abandoned midway through their construction. Besides sculpture, the site is also renowned for its extensive Buddhist frescoes, and though many of these have been heavily damaged, some excellent examples remain. The Caves became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

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Bergen, Norway

Amazing rock-cut caves, from the 2nd century BCE, in a horseshoe shaped valley.
From Jalagon we did a day trip by bus to the Ajanta Caves.

There are 29 caves, so you can easily spend most of the day here. Bring water (or by it in the kiosks at the parking lot) with you when you walk. It can get really hot in the valley on the way to the caves. The caves are often cooler.

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Stuttgart, Germany

long valley with caves, a lot of budistic pictures,
you can swim at the end of the valley on fridays very popular

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Portland, Oregon, USA

The Ajanta Caves are collectively one of India's oldest and most awe-inspiring historic sites, with some historians dating parts of the complex back to the 2nd century BC. The caves are believed to have once formed a monastery and are noted for their remarkably well-preserved murals that depict stories from Buddhist tradition, as well as bas relief sculptures of the Buddha. They're usually visited alongside the Ellora Caves about 50 miles away; the nearest city is Aurangabad and this is where most visitors stay while exploring the region.

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Sydney, Australia

The Ajanta Caves, a series of 31 Buddhist monuments carved out of a steep cliffside in central India's Maharashtra state, are simply amazing. It's one of the finest examples of rock-cut architecture in the world (though for sheer 'wow' value nothing beats the Kailash temple in nearby Ellora), and a true highlight of any visit to India. The setting, with the path between the caves carved out of the snaking cliffside, is spectacular, and both the sculpture and surviving frescoes (light is restricted inside of many of the caves to preserve them) are beautiful and seriously rich in historical interest. A guide is probably worth the extra couple bucks you'll shell out, though not all of the guys standing around advertising their 'expertise' are really experts at all. Ask questions before ponying up for the tour.

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New York City, New York State, USA

A hidden treasure of India. Slightly out of the way, so not too many people go, but it's definitely worth it. As is Ellora. The paintings, the details, the Buddas, the sound (you will have to have a local chant for you in these caves, they are made for chanting and the sounds it creates is insane). The horseshoe shape is very interesting as well, would have liked to go when it was a bit greener.

Santa Clara, California, USA

Another fabulous group of caves near Aurangabad. Of late a lot of restoration work has been executed to clean the place up. They have installed new lights which enhance the whole experience. Excellent guides are available for hire near the main entrance. Make sure they are ASI certified.

London, UK

Incredible artistry and history. A bit difficult to get to and extremely hot in may.

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Good historical place

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Ajanta looks beautiful in monsoon, a must visit site in Aurangabad.

Local from Aurangabad, India

It simply tells what a wonder that was India!

Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
Ajanta Caves

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