Gogobot Awards

2016 Rising Stars

1New Orleans

New Orleans

Following the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is stronger and more attractive than ever. From neighborhoods on the rise to new hotels moving in, it's [re]emerging in a big way.
No matter what destruction has been wreaked upon this Creole city, N'awlins still has that never-fall-down voodoo vibe.


Montreal’s recent popularity is thanks in part to its perfect mix of old world European charm and -- with its growing number of award-winning restaurants, specialty shops, cultural events, and active music and club scene ... Read more
-- its cosmopolitan street cred.
Everytime I come here, I fall in love with it a little bit more.


The area of Houston, Galveston, and the Gulf Coast is quickly becoming not only one of the best places to live, but also to vacation, racking up points with new and growing restaurants, both of the high-end and good ol’ ... Read more
home cooking variety, nightclubs and art and cultural institutions. Plus it's got some great staples, like plenty of historic sites and a charming coast.
...when you dig deeper Houston has a deep culture filled with art, music, dance, and so much more.
4Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

The second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok, Chiang Mai is no second fiddle. Part of the laid back appeal here is in the lush hills of the countryside, which are dotted with traditional villages, elephant ... Read more
sanctuaries, waterfalls and temples. In the city center, visitors find pulsating modern life in the clubs, night bazaar, and cafes and restaurants along the Ping River.
Even after having lived here for years, I still come across things in Chiang Mai that excite me and make me obliged to show ... Read more
other people.


Picturesque, inviting and rich in history, visitors are discovering Memphis as the city of small town charm, thanks to its long standing food and music traditions. Memphis maintains close ties to its past while making ... Read more
space for a very promising future.
My numerous travels to Memphis over the years, always leave me wanting more!
6Mexico City

Mexico City

A bustling, colorful hub, Mexico City is vibrant, inside and out. Astonishing architecture dating back to the Aztecs share space with modern skyscrapers. Cars, street performers and food vendors fit perfectly together ... Read more
with quiet parks and green spaces. Murals and street art take turns on city walls and in art galleries. Mexico City is a life force that compliments, contradicts, progresses, digresses, and most always impresses visitors that are more and more eager to discover this fascinating place.
This is a sophisticated, safe-feeling, creative and colorful metropolis, with one of the friendliest big-city populations ... Read more
you'll ever meet.


Please note that Raleigh, North Carolina had been initially listed as No. 7 on Trip.com's 2016 Rising Stars Destinations list. Trip.com removed Raleigh from this list and issued a warning to travelers to avoid North ... Read more
Carolina after its governor signed a bill into law that many view as discriminatory against the LGBT community. Even though Trip.com's data signals that Raleigh ought to be on the list, we can't in good conscience recommend it as a Rising Star Destination since it may not be friendly to LGBT families.
8Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Apart from its numerous and affordable resorts, visitors are venturing out to see other aspects of this Caribbean country. Historic city centers like Santo Domingo and Santiago offer opportunities to explore the urban ... Read more
island sounds, tastes, smells and sights, while the smaller surrounding towns and villages are teeming with cultural and natural surprises.
It's not just amazing beaches, Dominican Republic has some breath taking sites whether its the Bani Sand Dunes or its 3097m ... Read more
high Pico Duarte, to the site of the oldest Colonial zone in the Americas the DR is full of amazing spots and surprises.


Sacramento has a lot going for it. It has found favor among tourists for its central location, proximity to wine country, vibrant city center, cultural offerings and an impressive selection of locally and seasonally ... Read more
driven restaurants and markets.
Sacramento has everything you are looking for!
10São Paulo

São Paulo

São Paulo has grit -- it’s inexhaustible and that is what's attracting visitors to South America’s largest metropolis. The city’s vitality is in the creative range of its high rise buildings and art spaces, the din of ... Read more
cars and public transport, the bustle of the markets and shops, the bouquet of culinary treats and in the revelry of clubs and those who frequent them.
It is truly an international, cosmopolitan city and growing with over 11 million people and over 450 years as a city.

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