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2015 Top Destinations

Some cities really do have it all. They are adored by all who explore their corners, in no small part because there is a corner to satisfy just about any type of traveler, from the foodies and sophisticates, to the adventure addicts and backpackers. Here are the winners for the 2016 Travelers' Favorites, in all their reigning glory.
1New York City

New York City

Cosmopolitan, bustling, and the subject of many a song and movie for decades, there's no denying the appeal of NYC. The Big Apple's charm comes mostly from its rush of activity, its anything-can-happen atmosphere, and ... Read more
the melting pot of people from all over the world. It's no wonder Trip.com users continue to vote it as a favorite.
This is certainly one of the greatest cities on planet Earth. Not everyone can handle it but everyone should be able to find ... Read more
something here that they really like!
Recommended Hotel: The NoMad Hotel
2Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The wild, raucous party life of this desert oasis is the stuff of legends: with world-renowned dining, casinos at every turn (even in the airport!), and a lineup of comedy, magic, music, and, um, "other" performances, ... Read more
Vegas is irresistible to the party animal in all of us.
How can you not love Vegas?! The party & energy never stops!
Recommended Hotel: Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
3Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The fact that it's the most densely populated region on the planet explains its appeal: Hong Kong is a city of whirlwind wonder. You'll never be bored here, whether you're trying excellent dim sum or spending the night ... Read more
in luxurious digs, perusing the street markets or bowing to the giant Buddha statue. There's something for everyone.
Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. It's the New York of Asia and there is so much to do and see.
Recommended Hotel: The Peninsula Hong Kong


A reigning Travelers' Favorite winner, London consistently tops most-loved cities lists. Home to one of the most diverse amalgamations of people and cultures on the planet, London is both cosmopolitan and Old World, ... Read more
modern and traditional all at the same time. The abundance of free museums, efficient public transport, and rising culinary scene are but three draws the Trip.com community loves.
Classic old world England meets the modern era head on with a style and beat all of it's own. No place quite like it.
Recommended Hotel: The Hoxton, Shoreditch
5San Francisco

San Francisco

World-class cuisine, a "free love, baby" attitude, and a healthy dose of hipsters make San Francisco an instant crowd favorite. Plus, there's something about the iconic fog that is both mystical and ominous. One thing is ... Read more
for sure: you won't leave the same as you arrived.
One of the greatest cities in the world. Progressive ideas and genuinely warm and friendly people really make this town.
Recommended Hotel: Clift Hotel San Francisco


Ah, the City of Love. And light. And food. And wine. Okay, so Paris leaves very little to be desired on many fronts. Romanticized and beloved, Paris continually steals visitors' hearts. Whether you're strolling along the ... Read more
Seine, pondering the Mona Lisa, or sipping fine wine at a street corner cafe, Paris won't disappoint.
Would I be exaggerating if I said that Paris is "The most beautiful city in the world"? Probably..but it is my favorite.
Recommended Hotel: Hotel Costes


Considered the most dynamic and fluid of the Asian mega-cities, Shanghai has transformed before the world's very eyes in the past decade. What once was a rather dry political and economic hub has now embraced the ... Read more
cultural side of things: visitors can enjoy impeccable food, rich history, and some of the best nightlife on the continent.
Spending a few weeks in Shanghai was the most transformative travel experience I have ever experienced.


Rome is one of the grandfathers of humanity, both ancient and classic, and rooted in historic and political undertones. Its awe-inspiring architecture, remnants of a long and involved past, and modern nightlife blend ... Read more
together to create one of the most exciting cities in Europe.
There aren't enough superlatives to encapsulate Rome. The facts are more impressive but fall short. Capital of the most ... Read more
durable land empire in human history and the ancestor of western civilization?
Recommended Hotel: Abitart Hotel


Fun, hip, and chic, Chicago remains one of the darlings of America. Its iconic skyline, beloved attractions, and unique blend of art, photography, and architecture make it a city worth delving into. Once you reach beyond ... Read more
the surface, Chicago will reel you in.
I wasn't expecting to fall so hard for the charms of Chicago. The Windy City has amazing food, fun vibrant neighborhoods, and ... Read more
a hip attitude.


Barcelona is the younger, hipper Spanish sister, offering a sultry nightlife, eclectic culture (and even its own language), and an almost defiant blend of the Old and New Worlds. As such, it is one of the most visited ... Read more
cities in Europe, and tops many a traveler's must-see list.
This bohemian, art-filled city is on almost everyone's must-do itinerary in Spain, and for good reason.
Recommended Hotel: Hotel Arts Barcelona
11Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an enigma. Some think it overcrowded, overrated, and overpriced; others find its gritty charm fascinating, magical, and whimsical. Either way, you'll find something truly special beneath the surface: a ... Read more
city packed with international appeal, an impossibly diverse society, and an emerging micro-culture all its own.
LA is a classic insider's city, the kind of place where the deeper you delve into its neighborhoods and burgs, the more ... Read more
likely you are to discover something neat -- an awesome restaurant, a great club, a cool boutique.
Recommended Hotel: The Hollywood Roosevelt


The cacophony of Bangkok streets is in itself the basis of the appeal. World-famous street food, budget prices, and a no-holds-barred culture consistently make it one of the most traveled-to destinations on the planet.
An amazing city, with impressive temples, and some of the best food in the world, all at a price most can afford.
Recommended Hotel: The Sukhothai Bangkok


Known as the cultural and political bridge between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a perplexing place with a rich history. Today, it stands as an old city with a touch of modern chicness, creating an unassuming air of ... Read more
sophistication. Delicious street food, world-famous bathhouses, and striking architectural wonders make this an increasingly popular destination.
Istanbul has a permanent hold on my imagination. No place is at once more beautiful and dingy, frantic and laid back, ... Read more
romantic and mind-numbingly frustrating
Recommended Hotel: The Marmara Taksim


You can immerse yourself for days in Berlin's history -- it's got more museums and monuments than you can possibly see in one visit -- but visitors love that you can just as easily spend time in the hipper, more modern ... Read more
aspects of this thriving city: cool cafes, even cooler restaurants, thumping clubs that attract the city's throngs of university students, and edgy art galleries seemingly around every corner.
Art, architecture, nature or food - Berlin's renowned for all of them (yes, even the food).
Recommended Hotel: Michelberger Hotel


Colorful, pulsating Madrid is the proud and passionate home to a whopping four of Spain's major football (soccer) teams, as well as an impressive collection of artwork. Of course, the nightlife leaves little to be ... Read more
desired, and the city's sultry and unabashed culture keeps the world coming back for more.
Madrid has it all--architecture, history, shopping, and great food. I love the energy of the place.
Recommended Hotel: Puerta de America


Straight-edge, clean-cut and oh-so-appealing, Singapore is often at the top of the Trip.com community's favorite destinations. Visitors particularly enjoy the impeccable dining, the Riverside nightlife, and the fusion of ... Read more
various Asian cultures and influences that make Singapore one-of-a-kind.
A true cosmopolitan city that is a hub of many cultures meshing harmoniously together, Singapore is modern and traditional at ... Read more
the same time!
Recommended Hotel: Raffles Hotel Singapore


Considered the New York City of Asia, Tokyo's unrelenting urban rat race is both overwhelming and exciting. Consistently ranked by travelers as a top favorite, the city draws in crowds from all corners of the world on a ... Read more
daily basis. Visitors especially love the variety of technology and media (often released before it is in the U.S.), the top-notch sushi, and easy day trips to the enchanting Japanese countryside.
It's not even about the sushi or sake. Tokyo is a city that is quite incredible. Unforgettable architecture, mesmerizing ... Read more
lighting, distinct districts and parks, and unbelievable food.
Recommended Hotel: Conrad Tokyo
18Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Encapsulating the history of the United States in one compact city, D.C. is a favorite among all generations and nationalities. Americans seek the thrill of history coming to life, while international visitors come to ... Read more
explore the foundations of the world's most powerful Democracy. The world-famous Smithsonian museum complex alone could keep even the most discerning visitor occupied for days, but for those who make time, there is also a flourishing restaurant culture, so that visitors can leave with both minds and bellies satisfied.
DC still seems new every time I visit. The museums and monuments alone with be enough to keep you busy for several days.


"Keep Portland Weird" is a beloved, oft repeated mantra that still retains its meaning despite approaching cliché status -- even while Portland rises in the ranks of West Coast cities, it still maintains its eclectic, ... Read more
offbeat, and laid-back roots. An abundance of art and culture, unique people, and really good coffee earn this a spot in the winner's circle.
From the moment I first stepped off the plane, for me, Portland felt like home. The city is youthful, progressive and forward ... Read more
thinking. It's edgy like Brooklyn yet West Coast laid back.
Recommended Hotel: Benson Hotel


Though it used to be subtly misunderstood, Amsterdam is now like the coolest uncle in the family. Despite its seniority (it's one of the oldest cities in the Western World), Amsterdam's hub of freethinkers, ... Read more
experimentation, and forward-thinking social policies make it an irresistible destination for curious minds of all ages.
A colorful, exciting, beautiful city brimming with culture, art, and history. Freewheeling in nature, notorious for drugs and ... Read more
sex, this city is much more than its international reputation.
Recommended Hotel: citizenM Amsterdam

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