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Barcelona stands apart as one of the most unique destinations of not only Spain, but the whole of Europe. Even its distinctive language, Catalan, separates Barcelona from other Spanish cities. Combining old-Europe with the grind of a modern metropolis, Barcelona offers travelers of any budget plenty of options. Some of the main attractions in the ... Read more
city are products of one man – Antoni Gaudi, a modernist architect and designer of the distinct La Pedrera, the beautiful Parc Guell, and the famously incomplete La Sagrada Familia cathedral, which has been under construction since 1882. If the weather is fine, the Mediterranean beaches are always a good option. Once the sun sets, find a restaurant. The cuisine in Barcelona is top-notch, as some of the world's best chefs come here to add new twists to traditional dishes creating a taste all its own. The nightlife is also fabulous, with multi-story clubs like Razzmatazz highlighting the options. For accommodation, Barcelona offers a wide selection, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to high-end hotels like the Hotel Arts Barcelona. In Barcelona, the city where new ideas are required to succeed, there is never a shortage of activities for travelers.

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  • La Sagrada Família
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  • Park Güell
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark, Garden, Park
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  • Las Ramblas
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  • La Boqueria
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Hot summers and mild winters make this Mediterranean area a popular escape for under-sunned Britons, and popular with travelers around the world who love Gaudi, tapas and beaches. August can get extremely hot ... Read more
and humid, and crowds from Northern Europe flood in on their yearly vacations, but May-June and September-October strike a balance between sunny, hot weather and relative availability of hotels.

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Remélem valaki ezt egyszer el is fogja olvasni, és nem feleslegesen írtam ezt :( Mi 5 napig voltunk 2 éve(2017) Barcelonában. A szállásunk a Ramblan volt, így a belvárosból tudtunk mindig elindulni felfedezni a várost. Szerintem ez egy jó dolog, mert minden közelebb van, mintha a külvárosból kéne bejárni. A szívem csücske az a város,és talán a kultúrája miatt szeretem ennyire. Van egy étterem amit ha ott vagy és magyar vagy,mindenféle képen ki kell próbálnod. Hungaryto a neve, egy magyar férfi csinálja, és isteni finom ott a kaja. A Sagrada Família is a kötelezően megnézendő dolgok közé tartozik, akkor is ha nem vagy vallásos. Egy gyönyörű templom, ami előtt, ha jó helyen állsz meg, akkor meg egy olyan pasassal is találkozhatsz, aki óriás buborékokat fúj. Ha a várost szeretnénk megnézni felülről, akkor 2 helyet is tudok ajánlani. Az egyik a Güell Park, a másik pedig a Monjuic hegy, ahonnan belátni majdnem az egész várost. Viszont azt is el kell mondani, hogy elég sok a tolvaj,és a gyerekrabló akikre szerencsére felhívták a figyelmünket, ezért én is leírom, hogy tájékoztassak mindenkit. Ha pedig nem beszélsz nyelveket, akkor se aggódj. Apukám nulla nyelvtudással vett magának Hot Dog-ot, szóval bármit meg lehet oldani ha mutogatsz

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eine tolle Stadt mit vielen Ecken die man sehen muss..einer meiner highlights war die sagrada familia..wunderschön!

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The San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

I've been to Barcelona a few times and grew to appreciate the city more on repeat visits. The architecture of the city is gorgeous and inspiring and it brings me a lot of joy just strolling around here. I adore Gaudi's work and if you're a fan, you must visit the city! Don't miss visiting Sagrada Familia, which we only saw from the outside the first time we visited, but you must go in! It's amazing! I prefer other areas of Spain more for their food and people, but the buildings here are simply the best. Plus, some locals can be uptight and rude if you speak (or try your best) Spanish; they speak Catalan (but also speak Spanish), so just be aware.

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Klang, Malaysia

Barcelona is well-known of football and we really excited to be here. Park Guell and De Catalunya also must have a visit.

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Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, multicultural city with a whole lot of tourists. While I do not enjoy it as much as Madrid, it has a beach, mountains and good food. I will say that compared to other coastal cities, it is not that clean. Also, watch out for pickpockets ( rule to be applied most places in Spain)

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New York City, New York State, USA

This is my favorite city in all of Spain. Everything you could ask for when going to Spain is located in this city. Food, culture, art, welcoming community of people. I have never had a bad experience while here and always looking for an excuse to return. This is a perfect place for families, backpackers, and away looking to see the Spanish culture.

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Coxsackie, New York State, USA

Barcelona, famous for its still unfinished Sagrada Família! Navigating through this city via metro is fairly easy if you’re looking to save some money and cabs are everywhere. While they DO have Uber here, it is very unreliable with very few cars ever available, so be sure to have another plan! Brushing up on your Spanish is never a bad idea, however in Barcelona they speak Catalan not Spanish! Most people within the city can understand Spanish, but don’t be surprised when you don’t recognize the words on a menu or sign! As with most European cities, an English menu is usually available. Tapas are small plates offered at most authentic restaurants, a must try! Barcelona hosted the 1992 summer olympics, take the treck up the hill to see the site. While you’re up there, you’ll have panoramic views of the city!

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New York City

Barcelona is a city not only with great history and culture, but also with a very old and unique language called Català. You will find that even though Spanish is widely spoken, most things in the city are actually in their native language, including classes in schools and legal documents, as well as street signs. I found this to be very fascinating because, unlike the Basque country, people here take their culture and language very seriously. It is their form of identity above all. The people are very friendly, and I would say it is a very alternative part of Spain, with just about anything you want. Are you in the mood for a swim? Would you like to see the mountains? Barcelona has it all! Typical Spanish food is easily found around the city, but also cuisine of the region, with some great old bars in the area of the Gothic Quarter. Since the city is a hot vocational spot, it is not uncommon for people to speak English, as actually a lot of the residents happen not to be Spanish. Be adventurous and go even to the outskirts of Barcelona, I promise it will be fun!

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Quezon City, Philippines

One of my favorite cities. I keep coming back. It is a vibrant city full of life. I never run out of things to see and do. I love its culture, its architecture, its people and it6s food.

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Lisbon, Portugal

as rabulas, Gaudi e suas grandiosas obras e ideias, cidade linda cheia de cor e historia adoramos, estávamos perto do porto fluvial , ai aqueles bares de tapas á noite espectacular. Igreja da Sagrada família é de tirar a respiração. aconselho vão lá cidade linda.

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