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A distinctly Caribbean pulse beats through the narrow and somewhat dilapidated streets of Belize's capital. Nearly destroyed time and again by violent hurricanes, the former Mayan village seems to survive, if not thrive, on it's carefree attitude alone. Intrepid visitors willing to forge through the chaotic symphony of daily commerce and bustling ... Read more
traffic may uncover the port town's rich colonial history. Not to be missed points of interest include Fort George and the St. John’s Cathedral, one of the oldest buildings in the country and the first Anglican Church in Central America. A stopover point for many, visitors often simply pass through “Belize Town” on their way to outer cayes or interior rainforests. However, don't miss the coconut-infused fish soup “serre la sus” or joining the locals in dancing to the “Brukdown” — a distinctive, original Belizean Kriol music. And if chance permits it, be sure to visit in September when the streets rev up citywide for Carnival celebrations.

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The climate in Belize can generally be characterized as subtropical, which means that the weather is warm or hot all year. There is a notable exception when “northers” hit the shores and knock the temperatures ... Read more
down into what locals might describe as “chilly,” but that the high season tourists from North America and Europe (who hang around from late November through April) will still find pleasant. March through May is a great time to catch good weather and fewer crowds before the rainy season kicks in in June. Those who, like the Wicked Witch of the West, would rather not get wet, should skip the period between August and October, which marks the peak of both the rain and the hurricane season.

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Had an amazing time snorkeling, boating, eating and hiking in Belize ! Would def recommend and would go there again!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsGreen TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Foster City, California, USA

I flew into Belize City only stayed one night. The next day, I took the ferry to Caye Caulker. Not too much to do in Belize City.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Belize City is a very common cruise destination because it offers beautiful Caribbean weather and exotic Caribbean history. The cruise port is beautiful and houses a few really fun tropical bars. However, to see the real city, it is important to wonder outside the port area.
Belize city is actually rather low income, as the vast majority of it's economy comes from the cruise port. However, walking around the city is still rather safe and offers plenty of cool little dive bars with cheap rum and beer.

Recommended for:Adventure Travelers
Rochester, Minnesota, USA

I've heard people really give Belize City a hard time. We arrived here by cruise, and what we saw of Belize City may be limited. However, I think from what I did see of the city, the people who don't like the city have rarely been outside of the US or other "westernized" cities and are unused to seeing how people live in some of the more under-developed countries around the world, which makes them uncomfortable.


Get in and get out. Only thing worth seeing here is the cruise ship terminal. I didn't hate it and won't give it one star cuz the people were lovely and drinks good.

London, UK

OK, it's mostly a big city, but it's the place to go to get transport to the cayes/keys. Much more interesting than Belmopan.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

This was a place we visited while on a Carnival Dream cruise recently. Belize was a beautiful place! You take a tender from the ship and it takes you about 15 minutes to get there. Please be careful! We researched a lot before going on this cruise. You will want to stick with an excursion offered by a reputable company and never explore this place alone. We used to find a company. By going outside carnival to book excursions, we saved a great deal of money. We did a couple of excursions this way and it was worth it. Belize is rated number 6 in the world for murder rate. It is very dangerous! I would never recommend going outside the gates of this small port. We did a little shopping before boarding another tender to snorkel off a small island. Even in the "safe" area of shopping, they tried to cheat us when we purchased a $15 hat for our daughter. My husband didn't have change, handed them a $100 bill and they gave him $5 back! He corrected them and they tried to cheat him a second time. Please watch! They will try to cheat you! I recommend carrying small bills. Lots of fake handbags and other goods if that's your pleasure. You can get some neat souvenirs. Worth getting off the ship!

Nairobi, Kenya

The dilapidated former capital. The gateway to the famous offshore cayes, but also a place to be very careful at night. It really feels like the sea is slowly reclaiming this city.

Fort Worth, Texas

Wasn't really a place where I felt comfortable. When we arrived we only passed through the city as we stayed in Belmopan at the Jungle Dome. When we did return to the city I could see that it was congested and I just didn't feel very safe. We obviously stood out as tourists as well. Very hard to fit in.

Chula Vista, California

Flew into Belize City and took a boat out to one of the outer islands for a week, It was beautiful. Took a boat ride through the jungle on one of the days there. Saw Iguanas sunning themselves on branches.