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Bluefields was named after Abraham Blauvelt, a dutch explorer and privateer (the less generous call him a pirate) who in the 17th century explored this area and reportedly occasionally hid in its lagoon to evade capture. It later became home to a population of freed and escaped slaves, and to this day the most common language spoken is creole ... Read more
English. The city can be accessed by plane or bus, but many tourists arrive by boat, coming to or from the Big and Little Corn Islands. One block north of the docks is the landmark Moravian Church; not far away is the stadium, where if you happen to visit on the right day, you can catch some lively and passionate local sports. It rains a lot here, and sometimes suffers from power outages, so bring a flashlight and a raincoat. Be careful with your person and your things especially at night.

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