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Boracay Island, in the center of the Philippine archipelago, is a white-sand island that rivals the best Pacific beaches. White Beach is where most hotels and resorts like Monaco Suites de Boracay and Red Coconut Beach Hotel are located, and is also the biggest tourist attraction, offering all the delights from lounging on a beach chair to diving ... Read more
and snorkeling. Hotels along Bulabog Beach will get you closer to wind and kite-surfing opportunities however. Flights to Boracay leave from Manila, but once on the island the transport is either a shared pedicab, rented motorcycle or bike, or hotel shuttle, helping to create a sense of relaxation far away from the bustle of traffic jams. With plenty of bakeries and international restaurants, Boracay deserves a more prominent place on the list of island paradises, although perhaps it's better kept as a bit of a secret.

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  • White Beach
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  • Puka Beach
    8.324 reviews
    Beaches and Watersports, Beach
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  • Willy's Rock
    7.417 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Landmark
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  • White Beach Path
    8.810 reviews
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Singapore, Singapore

One of the purest white sand beaches I’ve been. The people are warm, and there’s always a live acoustic band playing in the background. You can get a massage by the beach while sipping your mojito. I enjoyed going to Boracay. It’s getting more touristy now but not as touristy as Phuket or Bali yet. If you wanna go have a crazy time with lots of partying and drinking, then definitely go to this place. Make sure you go during summer.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFoodiesBackpackersNightlife Lovers
Barcelona, Spain

Although it is a very beautiful place, I feel there are better places to go to in SOuth East Asia. It is very touristic, which some times is good, but in this case the atmosphere was just party people willing to get wasted.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Iloilo City, Philippines

Great place to unwind and spend time with the family. Experience nature's beauty.

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Davao City, Philippines

Boracay has long been known for its pristine white sand and clear blue waters. Stop-by here and experience world class island life!

Recommended for:Outdoor Enthusiasts
Ho Chi Minh City

Lovely beach ,transparent water with full of sport activities,also nice scuba diving

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackers
Hong Kong, China

It is a must visit! If you like soft white sand and the Beach. Once you reach boracay you don't need shoes at all because The sand along the beach feels like powder. There are so many activities to do parasailing, jet ski, Hemet diving, and many more. The best part is it is so budget friendly!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersAdventure Travelers
Manila, Philippines

I've always wondered why everyone loved Boracay. I've heard about the crazy parties and such, but I wasn't into those kinds of stuff. I went anyway, expecting to not really like the place. Oh, how wrong I was.

First impression? Lush green forest and beautiful beach. Nice! It's not quite as clean as Palawan, mind you, but it's a very beautiful place to unwind. I think it's also important to note that my officemates and I went here a little bit after LaBoracay (Labor Day); so they're still cleaning up the garbage scattered across the beach after partygoers wreaked havoc there. Another thing to note is that there are lots of establishments before you get to the stations. It's basically called the D-Mall and there are restaurants, gift shops, etc. Very nice place, I might add. Ended up buying lots of bracelets to add to my collection!

Anyway, the beach itself was nice, but we didn't get to swim there since we opted to swim at the private beach in our hotel instead. The price for food? A bit pricey, but good - Depends on where you're gonna eat. I recommend Aria and Manana. The Hobbit House was okay, too.

There were recurring blackouts during our stay. From what we know, it's because of a recent typhoon. It basically did a huge number in that part of the Philippines that they still don't have constant supply of electricity.

All in all, great stay here and would definitely come back. :)

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Sydney, Australia

August finds Boracay some weeks prior to the beginning of the peak tourism season (approximately September/October - May/June) and, as such, it was quiet and relaxed. That said, perfect weather was not a guarantee and we did experience some cloud and a little rain during our week-long stay. We stayed at a reasonably priced, small hotel on the famous White Beach, a truly stunning beach incidentally but, again, our experience was of few tourists. Local leisure activity operators will approach you and actively hassle you to ride jet skis, go paragliding, or take a boat trip with snorkeling involved. All of these seemed affordable and satisfying, the boat trip in particular being a wonderful experience. Boracay was in the middle of rapid development at the time of the visit (2007) and reports from friends tell me it's gotten somewhat more built-up since then.

Recommended for:Nightlife LoversOutdoor Enthusiasts
Los Angeles, California, USA

I loved Boracay I just wished I had more time there. We were there for a wedding last week and it was wonderful. The best time to go is January to April becuase the weather is perfect! But July is the worst becuause of the weather and it gets too windy there. For a nice relaxing vacation spend a week on Boracay... shop at the d'mall, do some water activities, island hop, get a massage on the beach for $7US, and most important relax on one of the many beaches. It is very easy to get around either waking between stations or taking a motorbike. Also, many people speak English so it is very easy to communicate with them.


Boracay Philippines has become the number one tourist destination of the Philippines. ravelers from all over the globe come to see the world's most beautiful beach-"White Sands Beach".Boracay Island has numerous scattered villages interconnected by a maze of locally carved jungle pathways. The Island boasts of having one of the world's finest beaches.So come and visit Boracay, here only at the PHILIPPINES. Enjoy your travel!

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