Buenos Aires Nightlife

In Buenos Aires, it's normal to leave your house at midnight and go dancing, bar hopping, or even out for a pizza or coffee. Whether you like to dance, rock and roll or salsa, to sit in an interesting pub or have a delicious meal, there's something to do for everyone here, even if it's at 3AM. 
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The Roxy Bar

Coronel Niceto Vega 5542

My favorite thing about the Roxy is that it's one of the few places I've ever been to where everyone dances to the Ramones, the Smiths, the Cure, Rock Nacional and other 80s/90s rock music. For those who prefer to enjoy listening to music and chatting, the front is a lounge/bar and the prices are reasonable. Occasionally there fun live shows, which can increase wait time, but it's still a worthy place for the rock and roll lover in all of us!

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Niceto Club

Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5510, C1414 BFD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Niceto Club is a both a nightclub and music venue. It's a good place to see local and even some international bands play live in an intimate setting. I was lucky enough to see Bomba Estéreo (Colombia) there live. There are also various themed parties, and the variety of genres/acts you can see there live makes it feel like a different venue every time. It's also in the heart of Palermo Hollywood in case you feel like meeting your friends at a nearby pub before a show, or pub-crawling afterward.

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Acabar -- CLOSED

5733 Honduras, Buenos Aires C1437BDA Argentina

Acabar is a great restobar (restaurant + bar). It's meticulously decorated and has great pub food to go with whatever drink you order. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but on the inside there are Christmas lights in a variety of colors, different kinds of wallpaper, and vintage posters. Acabar's greatest claim to fame is the amount of board games available for people to use on a first-come first-serve basis. It's a great place to drink and sort of feel like a kid again, or just to eat and chat.

Bar el Federal

Perú and Carlos Calvo

Bar El Federal is a Bar Notable (protected bar) in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. It's an excellent place to have a craft beer and has great pub foods, picadas, and snacks to go along with whatever you order. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but once you walk in it's actually quite large and you feel as if you've stepped in a different area. The staff and waiters and friendly and relaxed, and are great at making recommendations. It's not just a great place to eat and drink, but also a piece of Buenos Aires' history

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Plaza Serrano

Serrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plaza Serrano is the local name for Plaza Julio Cortazar (one of Argentina's most famous authors). There are many bars, clubs, and restaurants lining this plaza. That being said, it's also family friendly during the day, as there is a playground in the middle of the plaza. If you're into souvenirs, artisans and knick-knacks, I recommend the fair on weekends and holidays, where locals sell really cool items. Buenos Aires is very laid back and you will find that many bars and restaurants let you drink outside, which is really great during Argentine summers. Though Plaza Serrano does get overrun by tourists (which makes the price of items go up) there are many great happy hours during the week that you can take advantage of.

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Bar Seddon

Defensa 695, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina

During the day, Bar Seddon is good place to have a cup of coffee or a happy hour drink. At night, it's a great place to have a "previa" (pre-party drinks) or to just have a fun conversation with friends over drinks and good food. I highly recommend their pizza, which will never disappoint you. Bar Seddon is also a Bar Notable--a bar protected by the city of Buenos Aires due to its historical significance.

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Coronel Niceto Vega 5511, 1414, Argentina

Carnal Resto Bar is across the street from Niceto Club, and it's a place where people go before or after concerts. There's great food at reasonable prices and good drinks. The highlight of this place to me is that the first floor is a regular bar, if you're into that sort of thing. The top art is more of a lounge/restaurant area that's beautifully decorated. You can reserve a couch for birthdays or other occasions, and the staff is always great. Though Palermo is a good place for a pub crawl, what I like about this place is that it feels as if I'm going to two places at the same time.

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Brujas Madagascar is sort of a bridge between a club and restobar (what locals call a restaurant + bar). It's sure to please everyone, as you can choose to be in the lounge area and order a few drinks, or you can dance to any and every genre of music possible. There are also shows you can see, many of which start at midnight, and themed parties about once per month. Because of its location in Plaza Serrano, it's a good place to start or end your night. They have a dress code, so if you're out and about during the day, I suggest changing before you try to get in, but you don't have to worry too much. They're mostly strict about the shoes you wear (no sneakers/trainers, chucks/converse). The area is also very safe if you're out late, and close to a few busses if you don't want to spend on a taxi.

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Jack The Ripper

1275, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Jack the Ripper is great for people who enjoy cheap/reasonably priced drinks and who really miss 80s/90s rock, and alternative music. This is a place where you can have a 2 for 1 happy hour special and while having a conversation with Radiohead, The Cure, or 80s/90s Rock Nacional (Argentine rock) in the background. The bar was once a home and boasts high ceilings and comfortable furniture. Unlike other Buenos Aires, bars, there really isn't much else surrounding Jack the Ripper except a lot of nice apartment buildings and an Italian restaurant across the street, and the bar hasn't been flooded by tourists like other places, so there are more chances to meet locals.

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Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

Soler 5862 - Palermo | Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires C1425BYJ, Argentina

Fierro has great service, and the lobby décor reminds me of rock and roll (red, black, some white sprinkled in). The rooms are great and you can squeeze up to three people in some of them, which is great. It's not very veggie friendly, as it's known for it's meat, but there are some good side dishes you can order. For vegetarians it's probably better to explore other veggie restaurants in the neighborhood. There's a small pool with little space to lounge, but it's a nice thing to have during Argentine summers. One of the things I liked was the "Honesty Bar." The idea is that you take a drink, write down your name/room number on the clipboard, and are charged for that drink later that day. Definitely an interesting touch for a designer boutique.

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Hotel Vitrum

5641 Gorriti | corner of Fitz Roy Street, Buenos Aires C1414BKE, Argentina

Vitrium Hotel is is the heart of Palermo Hollywood, but in a much more quiet street. The hotel is very detail oriented and it's meant to make you feel pampered: there's usually jazz playing the lobby, a friendly and hospitable staff, a gym, a spa, a pool, mini "backyards" within the hotel, and even a masseuse (that's the only thing you pay extra for. There's a Japanese restaurant in the hotel, which serves different non-Japanese foods room-service only. The business room/art gallery is a great meeting place. The two floor suite is a good option if you have a lot of business meetings and need more space to work, and the art pieces are carefully curated. All in all, a great experience.

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El Cervelar

Elcano 3885

Argentina is mostly known for its wines, but if you're here for a while or you're more of a beer drinker, El Cervelar is the place for you. There are two locations and the one I've been to is in the less touristy Belgrano neighborhood. There's a great selection of craft beer, appetizers and other dishes that will accompany your drink. El Cervelar was the first bar/store to specialize in Argentine craft beer and imported beer, especially after the advent of local and national breweries. This bar is also a store, and it changes ambiance depending on the time of day, so going during lunch is going to be completely different from going during a happy hour.

Last updated at Dec 28, 2015