Golden State Gymnastics

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1828 North Keystone Street, Burbank, CA
(818) 558-1177
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So you want to find a way to have your daughter have an awesome time, doing something girlie that will build up her muscles as well as her coordination and balance? Letting her be girlie or a tomboy as she can so choose? Well get her into gymnastics.

This is one of the best things that my ex has done for the munchkin. Well the munchkin loves going here and I love helping her with practicing some things at home. Her balance athletic ability and coordination have improved dramatically from her classes.

Pro Tip: They have an annual “flip fest” where you can see all of the students perform with their age/ability appropriate group. This will get a separate review another time.

The kids and instructors all seemingly want to be here and learning/teaching while flipping, doing handstands, climbing ropes, swinging around on bars and many similar things. Parents are also allowed to watch from a special room while their children practice if they want.

Overall this place seemingly has produced a lot of medals (not sure if they all do or not) as well as many competitive groups (some are travel USAGA certified [I think that is the org acronym]). Overall this is a great thing for many kids. I cant say about the price though since I pay for other activities while my ex pays for this one.

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Golden State Gymnastics

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