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This territory of Angola is separated from its mother country by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though Cabinda has a population less than half that of the city of San Francisco, the people of this 7,823 km2 chunk of Africa have been launching secessionist movements for decades. While peace between Angola and the Front for the Liberation of ... Read more
the Enclave of Cabinda was declared in 2009, they still remain at odds and security remains compromised.


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Fremantle, Australia
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It isn't fair to say that I liked it or didn't like it. It took me just over a day to drive through there. The most I saw of the country was the immigration offices. Those people were very nice - especially for border officials. Frankly, that was a little unnerving. I'm not used to that.
From what I did see, the enclave has been very busy when it comes to trying to gain independence from Angola that they've neglected to make tourism a priority (the nerve! Right?). So, a fine place to pass through if you need to but I wouldn't recommend you start planning for that "dream Cabinda vacation" anytime soon.

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