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The name Cameroon comes from what Portuguese explorers re-named the River Wouri; Rio de Camarões, translated to the rather undignified title “River of Shrimp”. It’s often called “Africa in Miniature” for its geographical, cultural, and biological diversity. Over 200 different ethnic groups call the lush jungles, volcanic plains, arid deserts, and ... Read more
beaches of this, one of the statistically wettest countries on earth, home. Wildlife enthusiasts flock to the country for its abundance of endemic species and because it is one of the last strongholds for primates like the lowland gorilla, mandrill, and chimpanzee. Football fans recognize it for their powerhouse of a team that has claimed the African Cup of Nations no less than four times. Foodies know that some of the world’s best cocoa and coffee can only be sourced here. On top of all that, visitors to this eclectic West African nation encounter a vibrant culture and friendly people whether they’re shopping the markets of Yaounde or chilling on the beaches of Kribi.

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Liverpool, UK

It may seem like I’m unfairly singling out Cameroon for this, and I know many states in Africa and the Middle East that are just as bad for it, but I got tapped for so many bribes in Cameroon that it tops my naughty list for places where they freak the hell out if they spot you taking a photo. Of pretty much anything. Military bases, train stations, bridges, policemen, border crossings… I once got arrested for shooting a video of a roundabout. And don’t think this is a phenomena restricted to developing nations – I’ve been told off for filming a tunnel in my hometown of Liverpool, the London Underground, an Irish ferry port, out the window of a Greyhound bus in America and made to wipe footage I shot of myself on a train in Sicily. So be careful! My advice? If you see a jobsworth in a uniform anywhere in the world, put your swanky Canon 7D away and use the camera on your phone instead.

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Fremantle, Australia
First to Review

Cameroon is what I always dreamed West Africa to be with lush jungles, tiny villages, and vibrant market places. After visiting so many, it remains one of my favorite African countries.