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If you're stressed out and need to relax then you might want to head over to Chengdu, capital of China's Sichuan Province. The city is famous for its residents laissez-faire attitude towards life. An article by the Los Angeles Times in 2006 called Chengdu "China's party city" for its carefree lifestyle. And if it is tea and spicy food that you ... Read more
crave then you have hit the jackpot. Chengdu offers visitors a huge number of Tea Houses to enjoy. The inhabitants also have a reputation in China for their hot, spicy food. A popular activity for visitors to the city is taking an afternoon or evening to walk down Chunxi Street, located in the center of the city. It is famous for its clothing stores, bookstores, restaurants, arcades, and cinemas.

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Foster City, California, USA

I love the old city of Chengdu, it truly feels like real China to me. The architecture, the food, and the atmosphere was great, a must see city in China!

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Klang, Malaysia

Want to watch cute and beautiful pandas? Come to the hometown of pandas and took their cute photos. They really cute and not let you disappointed.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersGreen Travelers
Local from Chengdu, China

I like this city . U can call me to be your paid guide during your stay in Chengdu. My WECHAT app ID. is chinaze008

Recommended for:Adventure Travelers

Chengdu, ancient Chinese name is Heaven. Yes, it is a very nice place to visit

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers

Was here in November for a business trip. the temperature was a frosty 8 degrees celcius, the air was great and the city has a certain charm and relaxing vibe to it. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the panda research facility, a must go. The price of lodging and food is not cheap however, so I would recommend budget traveler to not go

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBusiness TravelersFamily TravelersNightlife Lovers
Sydney, Australia

Another take on a Chinese big city from those normally experienced in Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu is famous for its hotpot (huoguo - 火锅) and the beauty of its women - both are said to be as fiery as they come! A great base for exploring southwestern China, the city's got good accommodation in all price ranges (including the budget category that's often hard to find in China), and some fantastic restaurants and bars, along with a solid expat scene. And if you want to see pandas, the center in the city's northern suburbs is probably the best place on Earth to do it.

Recommended for:Foodies
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

For one reason, panda bear, Chengdu is worth visiting. Chengdu is an interesting city. As a university town, Chengdu is quite international. Majority of expats are based in Chengdu as well. International hostels and cafes are easy to find. Also there is a magazine for expats living here. Transportation hub of Sichuan Province. Be careful, you want to navigate yourself here better - it is very big city!

Jakarta, Indonesia

This place exceeded my expectation as it is rich in culture, history and also scenic. There are many places to explore around Chengdu: it even has a ski resort up in the mountain - but you need to be accompanied by local guide as not many staff in the resort speaks English. I also love the spicy food and the old town (you can explore the alleys with old houses turned into cafes and restaurants).

Athens, Greece

Last day of celebration of the Spring Festival. People came out of their houses, specially near the river, large crowds gathered to lit their lanterns. Fireworks were insane.

Local from Chengdu Shi, Sichuan, China

I started living in Chengdu from 2000 when my 7th grade. It is a big and beautiful city. Especially the pandas. I had been to the panda breeding center, north of city, 3 times and watching panda play is really a great lot of joy. I would suggest my friend to see panda first, then taste Hotpot and tea, and pay a visit to Sanxingdui museaum and Jinli Ancient street.There are still a lot of things to enjoy in the city, u can contact me for tips.