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The five villages that make up Cinque Terre ("Five Lands") are perched on cliffs above the ocean. The jagged coastline has been tamed by terraced farms and colorful homes that seem stacked on each other like Legos. The towns are so precipitous that they do not support cars: to get from one to the other, you must trek along 1,000-year-old hiking ... Read more
paths (for a 5 euro charge) or hire a boat. The towns were virtually inaccessible except by water until the late 1800s, when the railway from Genoa to La Spezia was built (today, the easiest way to get to town). Cinque Terre's beauty earned it a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, which in turn has attracted tourists from around the world. But despite this attention, the towns seem to still function the way they have for a thousand years; fishermen gossip on the docks as they bring in their anchovy hauls, and women lean out the windows to hang their laundry to dry. The northernmost town, Monterosso, is the most resort-filled and least traditional; hotels in the other villages are in higher demand, so be sure to make early reservations.

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  • La Via dell'Amore
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  • Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre
    10.015 reviews
    Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Park
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  • Castello Doria
    8.04 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Castle or Palace
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  • Manarola
    10.02 reviews
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San Diego, California

You don't want to believe all the hype about Cinque Terre, but is all true! I have seen a lot of places, but these towns rate among the most picturesque! If you can hike the trails, do it because it is the best way to enjoy the views.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersBackpackers
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, USA

Cinque Terre is spectacular. Choose to do the hike and you'll get to have access to great views. Keep in mind that the hike could he a bit treacherous. At Cinque Terre, eat fried fish, Gelato and limonchino.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBackpackersAdventure Travelers
The Hague

Take the train and go stop at all the five beautiful places. You can also go hiking!

Recommended for:Green TravelersHistory BuffsAdventure Travelers
Seattle, Washington, USA

Located along Liguria's coastline is the Cinque Terre, 5 lands, where there is no shortage of hiking in one of Italy's national parks. There are 5 enchanting villages all with their own personality. Forget your car and take the train to all 5 villages. You can also take the ferries from April to September. Don't make it a day trip take a few days and really explore all Cinque Terre has to offer whether you are lying by the beach, having a glass of wine at a lovely café, hiking, or just relaxing. There are lots of hotels at every budget in every village.

San Diego

I absolutely adored the Cinque Terre. The five villages along this Riviera are the adorable, picturesque, iconic multicolored towns you've dreamed about - with a charming ambience and breathtaking hike between them to complete it. We spent several days here soaking up the sunshine and laid-back atmosphere (complete with daily siesta!!) and loved poking into the villages to eat gelato and stroll the quaint alleyways. Unfortunately, half the hiking trail is still closed from the 2011 floods, but the sections we could do kicked our asses in the June heat.

Recommended for:Outdoor Enthusiasts
San Francisco, California, USA

Named for the 5 towns that dot this stretch of Italian coast, each with its own beauty and charms. The hiking trail that runs between them is worth a day.

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

5 fantastic and fantastically popular cliff-side villages and towns perches above the sea. Each town has its own personality so read up to see where you want to stay overnight. Only the railway and a hiking path connect each of the towns.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersHistory Buffs
New York City, New York State, USA

The Five Lands, a bucket list destination, are beautiful, amazing, and way too crowded. You have to elbow your way through the crowds to get to the trains, the villages, and the hiking trails, even once the summer is over. It's almost not worth the headache. Almost.

Recommended for:Outdoor Enthusiasts
Pyeongtaek, South Korea

"Cinque Terre" literally means "Five Lands" and comprises of five villages/towns on the west coast of Italy. It's a great place to go for a getaway for a few days. You can find the locals selling you the classic gelato/ice cream, crepes, pizza, etc. Be sure to try the pesto while you're there; Cinque Terre was the original birthplace for it. :) If you're interested in hiking and the outdoors, you can hike on a trail from village to village (each inbetween a good hour of walking/climbing). Be mindful that if you plan to do the hike, buy a Cinque Terre card to avoid having to pay all the fees to upkeep the trail at the beginning and end of each hike between the villages. Otherwise you may have to pay €7 each way. Of course, you can always take the train which is very inexpensive.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBackpackersFoodies
Austin, Texas, USA

Cinque Terre, which means "five lands", is comprised of 5 villages located on the western coast of Italy. Each village has many similarities, like their colorful buildings and walkable streets. But there are many differences, as well. We were lucky enough to be there in the spring when the flowers are blooming, the temperature is at a perfect warmth, and the crowds are fewer. Cinque Terre is easily navigable with it's trail signs all over the place and the train that goes to each village.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBackpackersOutdoor Enthusiasts