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Scoozi! Restaurant

Scoozi! Restaurant

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Italian, Family Style
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2-5 Winthrop Lane, Cork, Ireland
+353 21 427 5077
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Barcelona, Spain

Nothing says self power like a bowl of fresh fruit and some handmade waffles for brunch on a Sunday. Scoozi! is a perfect little side street cafe that satisfies your desire to sit down for something scrumptious without the hustle and bustle of a crazy street side encounter. This gorgeous restaurant has it all covered from delicious food, to a relaxed atmosphere. Oh and did I mention the dessert case with all the homemade treats!
Excuse me while I head to Scoozi!

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Saint John, New Brunswick

It's been 12 years since I enjoyed Scoozi's but I still talk about it. The food was amazing, the staff friendly and the atmosphere perfect for a bite to eat with your friends after a long week at the office. It's where I fell in love with banoffi :-)

Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Geeat food, stuning atmosphere, good service remember to make a booking as it can get really busy at night

Scoozi! Restaurant

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