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Culebra, a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico, is known as the "Ultima Virgen" (last virgin). It features white, sandy beaches with crystal waters and the oldest functioning lighthouse in the Caribbean, at Culebrita. Coral reefs and associated activities snorkeling and diving are the main attractions here. Refuel at Puerto Rican and American ... Read more
restaurants and rest up each night at one of the many villas available for rent.

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Culebra island is a great place, doesn’t want to be pretentious or snobby, it’s simple, raw and beautiful. If you want to enjoy nature and breathtaking views Culebra is your place. And remember it’s an island, so everything in a slower pace. Let yourself go and just enjoy the moment at Culebra.

Local from San Juan

Camping at Flamenco Beach with crystal waters and white sands or snorkeling and hoping to see turtles at Tamarind Beach, eating at the Dinghy Dock or tacos at Zacos Tacos. You need to rent a jeep to get to know Culebra island, an offshore municipality of U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. YES... this is part of the United States, get your history and geography straight but, don't expect people to put customer service least, not yet. This place is going through a resurgence of travelers doing much local tourism. The island mentality is: slow is best to enjoy the beauty of the still rustic township.
Only fine dining I found: Caracoles Restaurant and it's worth it!!!
Ferry from Fajardo to Culebra: 1hr.
Cost: $2.50/per. Rental cars cannot be boarded on ferry. Backpack all you need to move freely on island. Do research on car rental vs. taxi. It can cost you $13.00 every taxi ride when all places are about 20 minutes distance from each other.
Weekday travel is best. Weekends- this town booms with beachgoers.

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Oakland, California, USA

Culebra is a small island off the East Coast of Puerto Rico. Access by ferry from the less - than - awesome Fajardo Ferry Terminal, several ferries/day, or by plane from Fajardo or San Juan.

Mellow, low key, less popular than Vieques and therefore less crowded. Everyone gets around by jeep, scooter, or golf cart.

Lots of water activities, laying on the beach, and communing with the local wildlife.

Most relaxing spot in PR by far!

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New York City, New York State, USA
First to Review

Culebra is simply beautiful. The beaches are pretty untouched, and the locals work hard to maintain the island away from the most common touristic cliches.

Local from Caguas, Puerto Rico

Culebra island features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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