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Davao is a city on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is the center of business and culture on the island, and one of the most important economic centers in the country. Long overshadowed by larger cities Manila and Cebu City, Davao is growing into itself as a popular tourist destination. Most of the city’s attractions are parks or ... Read more
beaches, which is no surprise in a place with such beautiful weather. There are also multiple historical buildings open to the public, though they are relatively new and don’t hold much historical relevance. The city admittedly does not have many major tourist attractions, but makes up for it by offering a wide selection of dining, lodging, and shopping options.

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  • Samal
    9.325 reviews
    Popular withBackpackersFamilies
  • People's Park
    8.323 reviews
    Garden, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamilies
  • Eden Nature Park
    10.05 reviews
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsy
  • Jack's Ridge
    9.54 reviews
    Outdoors, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withFoodiesStudents


Davao City


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Top Davao City restaurants

  • Penong's Davao
    9.25 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesStudents
  • Lachi's
    10.04 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesArtsy
  • Claude's Le Cafe de Ville
    10.03 reviews
    French, International, Fusion, Steak House
    Popular withFoodiesLuxury
  • Balik Bukid
    8.73 reviews
    Family Style, Healthy, Fusion, Natural & Organic Foods,
    Popular withFoodiesGreen
Davao City

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  • 9.8
    Adventure Travelers
  • 8.6
    Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • 8.2
    Family Travelers
  • 8.2
  • 7.0
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People are friendly, but that’s about it. Bad infrastructure, dirty, like most of The Philippines. The place looks run down except for some shopping malls and a couple of decent hotels.

San Francisco, California

I lived in Davao for 6 months in 2013. I moved here because I met a very special woman and wanted to have some time to get to know her better. I had some great western friends here as well. While I had a good time, I can't recommend Davao or the Philippines in general as a place to spend much time. The people are awesome and English is widely spoken but overall the food is deplorable (which is surprising for asia), its fairly dirty, there's a complete lack of architecture and design, and too be honest I never found any culture at all. I kept thinking that I was missing something but after more than six months I can say that shopping malls are the center of culture in the Philippines and that should say it all.


A very nice place to live if you want a peaceful and near beaches. Taxi drivers are honest so no worries if you want to go places to places. Food are so inexpensive and lots of fresh seafoods to buy. Fruits are everywhere and so cheap also. Jeepnies are the number transportation here. people are very accommodating and very welcoming.

United States

davao is one of the best cities in the philippines to visit, so much to do and see there

Cotabato City

The province was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 8470, enacted on January 31, 1998 and ratified on March 7 of the same year by Terisita Zamora.

Local from Davao City, Philippines

have more fun in davao! you like the views there that you miss it so much,..

General Santos City

davao city is awesome because there are durians and also the Philippine eagles... and I'm really proud of it.. :D

Tacoma, Washington

I was kindly welcomed to the Island of Mindanao by Elder Cresencio Baldemor and members of a Mission Work under the authority of TLBC in Tacoma, WA. I Spent two weeks in the Philippines in November 1993 and organized two Sovereign Grace Old Landmark Missionary Baptist Churches. You can read about it in my book "Traveling For God."

Local from Davao City, Philippines

There are cool places to visit and you can walk around city 24/7 without really worrying. 80% of the taxi drivers are friendly and honest. And if you want to relax then visit Eden Nature Park, Seagull mountain resort in BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao Road) or Villa De Mercedes Clubhouse which is overlooking the City.

Málaga, Spain

The best city to live in...can't resist the sweetness & taste of Durian. Wow Davao!