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Washington, D.C. is a history lover’s dream, as the capital of the United States houses some of the most popular museums and monuments in the world, covering political history, classical art, natural science, aviation and more. It’s with the Smithsonian Institution in the National Mall that the Hope Diamond resides, touted as the most famous ... Read more
diamond in the world, enlarging visiting eyes with its bright, blue brilliance. The varying architectural styles of the government buildings and landmarks in Washington, D.C. range from neoclassical and gothic to modern, accentuating some of the most well-known attractions in American history. The District is an international one, hosting 176 foreign embassies and international organizations like the International Monetary Fund. Travelers looking to get away from government business, however, need only stroll to the neighboring areas where they’ll find plenty of entertainment, from the hip boutiques in Adams Morgan to the contemporary restaurants of Dupont Circle.


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It is said that D.C. was built on a swamp, which, although not entirely true, serves as a useful explanation for why stepping outside from June through September feels like walking into a brick wall of ... Read more
humidity. Combine that with swarms of tourists pouring out of buses during the summertime high season, and you’ve got all the makings for a pretty stressful visit. Spring is a much better bet, when temperatures are mild, averaging 50-65F (10-18C), and the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Fall is crisp and the colorful leaves provide a beautiful backdrop for a sightseeing tour. Winter can see temperatures approaching freezing and it often snows, but it has its perks, like ice skating at the National Gallery of Art or seeing the National Christmas Tree on the White House lawn.

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San Diego, California, USA

Washington DC is so amazing. I went for a school trip years ago, but just went recently and it was a completely different experience. Check out their food scene.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Washington DC is a great place to visit. As a tourist there is so much to do. I would imagine it is a nice place to live too, temperate weather and good public transport. I can't say that I truly know what the difference between DC and Washington DC but they sure picked a nice place to put the nations capital.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers
Prince Frederick, Maryland

It may be busy, but not as packed as NY. I really like it since they're museums, parks, galleries, monuments and much more that you're able to explore! Even though I'm able to go often, I still can find new things that I haven't seen before. It's constantly changing, and it keeps me interested. The museums are a lot of fun because you can usually always find something that interests you. As for a couple, in the spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom, I hear it's a very romantic place to be. I hope you consider this destination! :)

Sun City, California

I love to walk around DC. There is a lot of history. The Smithsonions are wonderful. The Holocaust Museum should be seen by everyone, lest we forget. Park outside of DC and take the metro. We always got lost driving home from the Kennedy Center, and we went many times. DC looks different after dark. Like any major tourist attraction, be aware of your surroundings and people around you. I never really felt unsafe there.

San Jose, California, USA

Not a fan of Washington DC. Humid during the summer, cold and snowy during the winter. Why go? Only reason to go there is to see history, otherwise I'd stay away.

Santa Clara, California, USA

The District of Columbia is tiny yet there are so many monuments, museums, and landmarks, making it a convenient goldmine for tourists. If you only want to be in the DC area, try to stay at a nearby hotel and use public transit. The road system outside of DC is terribly confusing, so it's best to avoid renting a car.





Calgary, Canada

Crowded and didn't look safe.


Great place!