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Eat, Drink and Sleep Granada

Granada is a special holiday destination for many reasons and is unquestionably one of Spain’s must see cities. Everyone knows about the magical Alhambra that towers over the city, but less is mentioned about the amazing food that’s on offer in Granada’s atmospheric tapas bars. Granada is in fact one of very few places left in Spain where you still get a free plate of tapas with every drink you order, which quite often means you never actually have to pay for your food. You’d think this would hinder the quality of the tapas, but this is rarely the case, and you’re likely to have some of the best Spanish food you would have ever tasted. So here is your guide on where to eat, drink and sleep in Granada, a city you simply can’t afford to miss. 

by: Max Hodge

Max Hodge

Bar Los Diamantes

Calle Navas, 28, Granada, Spain

Head to Los Diamantes, the one on Calle Navas, for the best fried food in town. It may look quite similar to your local fish and chip shop, but this only seems to add to its charm and the food here is superb. You’ll need to arrive bang on 20:30 in the evening in order to guarantee a place at the bar, as locals pile in here by the dozens. Make sure you order the fried calamari, anchovies and sweetbreads, all of which are delicious.

Bodegas Castaneda

Almireceros 1-3, 18010 Granada, Spain

This restaurant is the perfect place to come for an authentic Granada tapas experience, where ham hangs from the ceiling and waiters bark out orders to their kitchen staff. You can imagine that Bodegas Castaneda hasn’t changed in the slightest since it first opened years ago and its charming character rewards customers with a memorable dining experience. The bacalao and pork fillets with Roquefort cheese are both incredibly tasty.

Taberna Salinas

C/ Elvira, 13, Granada, Spain

A lovely tapas bar that is located just off Plaza Nueva is Taberna Salinas, which was always heaving at lunch time. Groups of locals meet here to enjoy the free plate of paella that accompanies every drink that you buy, which because of the portion size means you probably won’t need much more to eat afterwards. Inside they have plenty of seating available, so you should be able to find a spot, but if not the bar area is spacious.

La Bicicleta

Plaza Pescaderia, 4, 18001 Granada, Spain

This is more of a restaurant than a tapas bar, where unlike most places around Granada, you only get a small bowl of olives to accompany your drink. It has a lovely outdoor seating area on the picturesque Plaza Pescaderia, but the prices here are considerably more than at a lot of the more “local” bars nearby. Atmospheric little place to have a drink in the evenings and the staff were all very friendly.

La Fuente

Paseo Padre Manjon, 3, Granada, Spain

This place is a bit of a tourist trap, thanks to its location at the foot of the walk up to the Alhambra, but it’s still a decent enough place to grab some lunch. Prices here are inflated and the quality isn’t as great as the restaurants you’ll find closer to the centre, which means it’s only worth eating here if you need a quick meal before heading up to the palace. Biggest draw is the outdoor seating area, which has nice views looking up to the Alhambra.

Bodegas Espadafor

Gran Via de Colon, 59, 18001 Granada, Spain

This was one of my favourite tapas bars in Granada, which produced terrific no-nonsense style raciones at a very affordable price. The place was absolutely packed with locals at lunch time and overall was very much a typically authentic Spanish tapas bar experience. The cured ham, egg and fried potatoes dish was simple but incredibly tasty. A must for those who like to stray away from the more touristy tapas bars closer to the centre.

Restaurante Bar Oliver

Plaza de la Pescaderia 12, 18001 Granada, Spain

If you’re looking for a more upmarket option to La Freiduria de Tere next door, then you can’t go wrong at this excellent seafood restaurant. It’s easily the most popular restaurant on Plaza Pescaderia, which is always swamped with locals and tourists alike. I only came in here for a quick drink and tapas, which was very tasty, but I was a bit gutted I didn’t come back for a proper meal another night, as the food looked delicious.

Bar Avila

Calle de Veronica de la Virgen 16 | Centro, 18005 Granada, Spain

This tapas bar is renowned for having some of the best jamon asado that you’re likely to find anywhere in Granada. After being recommended this place on several occasions, I then went onto recommend it to several others myself having been there. The bar itself is nothing special, but the main draw is the delicious honest food that they serve. It does get very busy and sometimes slightly overcrowded, but this somehow just adds to the appeal of the place.

La Freiduría de Tere

Plaza Pescadería, 22, 18001 Granada, Spain

La Freiduria de Tere isn’t too dissimilar from your local fish and chip shop, which certainly isn’t somewhere you’d come for an authentic Spanish dining experience. However, the fried fish here is absolutely superb and for a cheap price you can get a massive cone full of mixed seafood. It’s located on Plaza Pescaderia, so on a nice day it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and relax on one of the nearby benches. Cheap and cheerful.

Restaurante Estrellas de San Nicolas

Callejon Atarazana Vieja, 1, 18010 Granada, Spain

If you’re on a tight budget, then this restaurant probably won’t be the best option for you. However, I would definitely recommend spending a little extra than the normal price to eat here, as the breath-taking view over the Alhambra at night is stunning. The food is similarly superb and despite the touristy feel it has a lovely atmosphere. Nothing bad to say about this restaurant, just make sure you book in advance to guarantee a spot.

Carmela Restaurante

Calle Colcha, 13 | 18009, 18009 Granada, Spain

Granada tends to specialise in traditional tapas dishes, whilst it’s their Andalucian neighbours over in Seville that often experiment more with their ingredients. However, this place bucks the trend slightly and is an excellent example of delicious modern tapas. No trip to Spain is complete without having a tortilla, which may sound boring to many, but if done properly is a thing of beauty. An extremely popular restaurant that is usually open all day.

Taberna El Mentidero

Piedra Santa, 15, 18009 Granada, Spain

This restaurant is located just two streets away from the popular tapas street of Calle Navas, right next to Plaza del Carmen. The portion sizes here are generous, making it great value for money, and the quality of food is to a very high standard. It’s noticeably a popular restaurant with the locals, of which the majority were tucking into the grilled sardines, so I decided to follow suit. Very tasty and a lot better than many of the restaurants found along Calle Navas.

Gran Cafe at Bib Rambla

Plaza Bib Rambla, Granada, Spain

Churros is an essential snack whilst visiting Spain (fried pieces of dough) and the best place to grab yours in Granada is at this café. With the churros you get a small mug of melted chocolate to dip your strips of dough into, which although sounds very simple, is a delightful combination. The café itself has a nice outdoor seating area that overlooks Plaza de Bib-Rambla and is the perfect place to put your feet up for an hour or two.

Taberna La Tana

Calle Rosario numero 11 bajo, esquina placeta del agua, Granada, Spain

This is a lovely family-run bar within the centre of the city, which is one of the best places to come for a relaxing drink and tapas. Despite its growing popularity with tourists, it still retains all of its past charms and is pleasantly old-fashioned inside. The extensive list of Spanish wine available is one of the major draws to this bar and the delicious tapas you get with every drink means you’re guaranteed to have more than just the one glass.

Taberna Masquevinos

C/ Tundidores 10 | Esta en Un Callejon Que Se Ve Desde C/ Zacatin, 18001 Granada, Spain

Masquevinos is a lively tapas bar that is located just around the corner from the cathedral and Plaza de Bib-Rambla. With your drink you get a lovely plate of mouth-watering cured ham and manchego cheese on bread, which is drizzled in a sweet sauce that you’ll undoubtedly taste quite a lot whilst in Granada. Seemingly busy during most of hours of the day, but especially at night, when the locals come to enjoy more than just the one glass of wine.

Hannigan & Sons

Calle Cetti Meriem, 1, 18010 Granada, Spain

You’d be a fool to eat here instead of one of the amazing tapas bars you find elsewhere in Granada, but this Irish bar is still a decent place to come and have a drink. There are seemingly very few bars within the centre that showed live sports, so I ended up watching a football match here one evening. Hannigan’s wasn’t any different to any other Irish bar I had been too, but was pleasant enough.

Pub El Son

Calle Joaquín Costa, 13, 18010 Granada, Spain

This happening bar usually has a bit of something for everyone, depending on which nights of the week you visit. Earlier in the evening it’s a popular spot for groups of friends who come to enjoy a couple of cocktails, whilst the crowd gets slightly more rowdy the later into the night you stay, when it turns into more of a nightclub. A really fun and enjoyable evening, which in many ways is typically Spanish.


Calle Sócrates, 12, 18004 Granada, Granada, Spain, Granada, Spain

This was my first stop on my night out in Granada and is located in the student area of the city. As a result, you almost know what to expect from this lively bar, with cheap drinks and a youthful crowd that are looking to kick-start their night in a particularly boozy fashion. Inside you’ll find a football table and darts board, of which many drinking games organised by the bar tend to involve.

El Buen Comer

C/ Emir, 3, 18006 Granada, Spain

This restaurant is more popular as a café in the morning, serving up cheap breakfasts and decent coffee. It’s located quite far away from the centre of town, but it’s a great option if you’re staying out towards the Ibis and Urban Dream Hotels’ found on the outskirts of the city centre. Here they do a very nice pan con tomate and is considerably cheaper than anywhere you may find in the centre.

Cafe 4 Gatos

Placeta Cruz Verde, 6 Cafe-Bar | (Cuesta San Gregorio), 18010 Granada, Spain

This lovely café is located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Albacin, just off Placeta Cruz Verde. From the outside seating area you look out over cobblestoned streets, whitewashed buildings and the magnificent Alhambra Palace. Due to its location, it’s unsurprisingly a very popular spot to enjoy a relaxing drink, so you may or may not find a table outside. A perfect place to stop as you make your way around the city.

La Creperie

plaza de la universidad | plaza de la universidad n5, 18001 Granada, Spain

It’s no great secret as to what the star attraction is here, delicious crepes! Rather bizarrely for a creperie, or perhaps not so in Spain, this place only opens at five in the afternoon and closes at 23:00 at night, which makes it the perfect place to grab a dessert. It’s only a tiny place that appeared to be extremely popular, so you will more than likely have to buy your crepe to go.

Discoteca Aliatar

Calle Recogidas, 2, 18002 Granada, Spain

For a cheap and cheerful night out with the students of Granada, make sure you head to this lively nightclub that was once an old cinema complex. As is always the case with nightclubs in Spain, you’re unlikely to leave this place until 6am in the morning, so make sure you don’t plan too much for the following day. Decent music, a packed dancefloor and cheap drinks, all combine to ensure a decent night out.

Alhambra Zoom

Tablas 8 | Plaza Trinidad, 18002 Granada, Spain

Overall this hostel isn’t anything particularly special, with a lack of communal areas and average bathroom facilities. However, its location is excellent and for the price you pay it’s still pretty good value. The hostel is just a short five minute walk from the cathedral and has plenty of decent restaurants on its doorstep. The staff here are always really friendly and happy to help with any queries you may have about the city.

Urban Dream Granada

Camino de Ronda 107, 18003 Granada, Spain

There are in fact two of these hotels in Granada, one of which is located along Camino de Ronda and then the cheaper branch is just a short five minute bus ride from the city centre. I stayed in the latter, which is ideal for those with a car, with easy connections to the main motorway and free parking. The hotel itself is pretty basic, but it does the job for a couple of nights. A decent breakfast is served downstairs every morning and there is also a small swimming pool.

Hotel Posada Del Toro

C/ Elvira 25, 18010 Granada, Spain

A lovely hotel that is well located within the centre of the city, within walking distance of all Granada’s main attractions and popular restaurant areas. The rooms here are pretty basic, but are tastefully decorated and are ideal for those who don’t have a particularly large budget. The design of the hotel is very typical of Andalucia and has a pleasant patio at the centre of the building.