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l'Auberge du Vieux Puits
l'Auberge du Vieux Puits

l'Auberge du Vieux Puits

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5 Avenue Saint-Victor, 11360 Fontjoncouse, France
+33 4 68 44 07 37
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A top class Michelin starred restaurant in the middle of the Corbieres hill.
A great place to treat yourself or celebrate an occasion.
Not cheap but worth the experience.

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Baltimore, Maryland
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Auberge du Vieux Puits
5 Avenue Saint-Victor
11360 Fontjoncouse, France
Telephone: 33 4 68 44 07 37
One of our main delights was not completely
understanding what we ate because of our French.
They do speak English, but are not always able to
explain as specifically. I, for one, enjoyed the
Our amuse-bouche had a tartare of some sort --
I suspect it was scallop, a puree on top
of a potato crisp, as well as leek on top of a squid
ink biscuit.
Sam's 2nd course: frog leg over braised celery (or maybe parsnip) and
watercress soup poured over top.
My 2nd course: one of their signature dishes, it's
a molecular gastronimical feat. When it first appears
before you, it is a hard-boiled egg covered with black
truffles. They ask you to cut it open to reveal a
surprise. I won't ruin it for you! Truffle oil sabayon
is poured over top. A truffle cappuccino and brioche
Only 15 minutes away from Terri's Little House, you can dine at Gilles Goujon's Auberge du Vieux Puits,
which recently received its third Michelin star. Michelin's definition for its third star is: "Exceptional
cuisine, worth a special journey" and there are only twenty five 3-starred establishments in the country.
My 1st course: a seafood salad with avocado
crème on top. To me it tasted like crab. To
my dining companion, Sam, it tasted like
My 3rd course: amazingly sweet scallops seared perfectly with essence of
clementines. The ravioli is stuffed with scallop skirt and other vegetables.
Sam's 3rd course: His favorite dish of the night,
and possibly mine too. Rouget like I've never had
before. The server is pouring the bouillabaise
essence into a spoon holding rouille, which then
spills into the bowl. Underneath the fish is a potato
cannoli stuffed with garlic and more potatoes.
4th course: I'm nearing full capacity, but I somehow
find room for the meat course. I had Pigeon. It looks
scarily rare to the eyes, but it's tender as can be and
completely not gamey at all. Parsnips, walnut, figs
and walnut oil accompany this dish.
Sam's 4th course is Bull. The taste of beef is so intense it is ridiculous.
The manicotti is stuffed braised bull leg. The three carrots are braised,
and the carrot puree and beef jus are added onto the plate table-side with
flourish. Cows and carrots are a happy marriage.
The cheese cart follows, and I believe most
their cheese are local to the region. I fell in
love with all their goat cheese here, as well as
the best Roquefort I've ever tasted. I don't
usually like Roquefort, but I remember the taste
of this one still. A drizzle of their local honey
makes the cheese sing.
My dessert: a light and airy biscuit topped with apple cigars. That's thinly
sliced apples wrapped around apples and chestnut mousse inside. A
apple chip sits on top of a refreshing apple sorbet.
I found both our desserts to rely on the flavors of the ingredients and not
on sugar. This was very refreshing and palate cleansing. A perfect way to
end this meal.
Sam's dessert is a roasted fig with orange
blossom ice cream. The server pours an
orange sauce over the sugar shell, which
then deflates and dissolves.
After this, we are served a box of truffles, macaroons, and other treasures. By now, I'm literally
bursting at the seams. Luckily for us, Terri's Little House is only 15 minutes away and the thought
of being able to go back and kick our feet up (and maybe take a nap) was a fantastic one. We went
for lunch. Their menu appears to be the same as dinner. Reservations are highly recommended.


lovely food but definitely for a special occasion as it is pricey

Warsaw, Poland
Recommended for:Foodies
Propriano, France
l'Auberge du Vieux Puits

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