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Holland After Dark

While everyone knows that Amsterdam is one of the biggest party cities in the world, not many people know that there are actually other surrounding cities in Holland that offer the same, if not more in quality entertainment. Each city in Holland is so unique that it's only natural the types of bars, lounges, and clubs each offers are vastly different as well. My mission while in Holland is always to try to see as many as possible so that I can, of course, report back and help readers uncover a new world of Holland after dark. For now, use this as your guide to get through some of the biggest parts of Holland. And while you do that, I will continue to hit the bars and clubs - for research. Have a great time! 

1. Cafe Thijssen

Brouwersgracht 107, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Relaxed bar with indoor and outdoor seating and a great beer and wine selection. The best thing about this bar is the atmosphere. Food is ok and mainly appetizers and tapas. It is walking distance from Centraal Station Overall, a nice place to get a drink and hang out with friends.

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2. Cafe Restaurant De Boterwaag

Grote Markt 8a, 2511BG, The Hague, The Netherlands

The Boterwaag is a bar and restaurant situated in the former Waag (Weigh house). The design makes it a nice place to hang out with a larger group of people and to get a drink before a night on the town. Another reason to head for the Boterwaag are the frequent themed evenings. One of the nights we stopped by they had an all night Oktoberfest!

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3. Café De Blaffende Vis

Westerstraat 118, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This dual level bar in the Jordaan is a cozy place to hang out. Known for being the center of attention when the Dutch soccer team plays and one of the most popular locations during Kingsday, Cafe de Blaffende Vis is a cool place to check, even on regular nights. Weekend specials and times start on Thursday nights, where the kitchen is open later and the drinks are that much stronger.

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4. Int Aepjen

Zeedijk 15-1, 1012 AN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oldest bar in Amsterdam with plenty of drink options to choose from! It's right in the city center, steps away from Centraal Station and hidden within the Red Light District. They don't serve food, so make sure to eat before heading there. The street it's on has plenty of restaurants and small cafes around. Cool place to visit, even if just to say you were there!

5. Club Seven

Prinsegracht 14, 2512 GA Den Haag, Netherlands

Just around the corner from the Grote Markt at the Prinsengracht, Club Seven is an awesome place to have a great time. They host theme parties every Friday night and always have a fun atmosphere in the two lounges on Saturday. It is a fun night of clubbing in style!

6. Ushiwawa

Karrenstraat 10, 5211 EH 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

This place comes heavily recommended among the locals of Den Bosch. With cocktails & dance, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic night. Known for their trendy venue and themed nights, Ushiwawa is the place to be for those who love to party in style.

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7. 3 Sisters Pub

Rembrandtplein 19, 1017 CT Amsterdam, Netherlands

A local pub with an enormous bar inside and various seating arrangements. Food is great and service is ridiculously accommodating. Everyone is so friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. On the weekends the pub turns into a dance club after 11pm which is a great time! They have house and latin nights.

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8. Panama

Oostelijke Handelskade 4, 1019 BM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Club Panama is a little out of the way from the city center, however when planning a night out, you could start with dinner here first and then onto the evening festivities. The full kitchen has a wide variety of options to pick from and it's all very good. The club itself has room for over 1000 people; 900 in the Main Room and another 100 in the Side Room. There is a mezzanine area with it’s own bar in the Main Room, a cozy smoking area near the dance floor and various options for VIP guests. You can spend your entire evening here! Panama got its notoriety by featuring big-name DJs Tiesto and Armin van Buuren in their line up.

9. Herengracht cafe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A trendy bar and restaurant in the center of the city. Cafe Herengrachy has various levels where you can enjoy different types of music. The first floor of the bar is perfect for meeting with friends because you can sit and chat to your heart's desire. The first time I ever visited this cool spot, my friends and I actually did not mean to go to a club and just stayed on the first floor chatting and playing cards. The next time, we dressed up for a night on the town and made sure this bar was our first stop.

10. Pub Soho

Reguliersdwarsstraat 36, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pub Soho is a two-story bar that is perfect for meeting friends for drinks any day of the week. On the weekends, it becomes quite the party scene. With their own dancers and a resident DJ that plays the best music, you won’t be bored for a second. It's quite a versatile place which means there are always a good amount of people no matter the day of the week. The interior decor is also very pretty which just adds to the love I have for this awesome place.

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11. Escape

Rembrandtplein 11, 1017 CT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Club Escape is a very popular, very crazy venue where you are always guaranteed a night of drinks and lots of dancing. According to local friends, they used to have a very strict dress code policy, but over the last few years have gotten more lenient. If you're looking for a night of excellent music (they always have a fantastic DJ lineup), lots of drinks and dancing - this is the place to be. The party starts on Friday and goes all the way into Sunday. This place has a ton of energy, fun people and a wide selection of drinks and music. Definitely check it out on your next trip to Amsterdam!

12. Jimmy Woo

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A fancy and very swanky club in the heart of the city. Jimmy Woo regularly features the best DJs, so entrance is covetted and the club is always packed. Dress code is strict but they are more understanding than some other establishments in the area. The inside is huge and fills up fast, so be sure to get there at a good time. Note: if you prefer a nice range of cocktails, drop in to Jimmy’s sister bar, Suzie Wong.

A relaxed bar with a nice varied audience and a welcoming atmosphere, Cafe Lux caters to a diverse group of people. With various rooms and seating available on multiple floors, there is always enough space to have a good time without feeling cramped. The drinks here are absolutely delicious. We asked the bartender for something from the menu and he said he would do one better and made us delicious concoctions that we continued to drink the rest of the night. The few times I've been here I learned - while it's never the same (you never know what's going to happen) it's ALWAYS a great night out.

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14. Jeronimus Cafe

Markt 8, 5211 JX Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Named after the famous artist from Den Bosch, Jeroen Bosch, you can come in and have a good time from 9am until late at night. A cozy atmosphere makes Jeronimus the perfect place to start your night out with a bite and a drink before heading out to continue the rest of the night. Its central location helps with discovering all of the city center on your night out.

15. Club NYX

Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, Amsterdam, Netherlands

No matter which floor of Club NYX you happen to be on, it promises an unforgettable experience due to the diversity in music styles and the unique atmosphere suiting each of the different spaces. Anytime my friends and I have come here, we make sure to dress to the nines as it is dress to impress. The drinks are reasonably price and the music is awesome on all three floors!

16. Cooldown Cafe

Rembrandtplein 45, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Rembrandtplein area is another part of town where the party never end. Like the Pijp, there is an abundance of things to do and places to see. The Cooldown Cafe opens late and closes early, meaning it's another one of those clubs where you can easily dance the night away and leave as the sun is coming up. They offer fun themed parties on Fridays and house DJs always make sure the music is on point. With a varied crowd, popular music and affordable drinks, this place is always high on the list of clubs to visit while in Amsterdam!

17. Pilsvogel

Gerard Douplein 14 | 1072 VE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Another great bar in the Pijp area, Pilsvogel is a fun bar with a great atmosphere. Due to its location in the Pijp, it is surrounded by lots of bars and an abundance of rooftop clubs. Pilsvogel, literally translating to Beer Bird, is a fantastic place to stop by on the weekends. If you come earlier to eat, the bar offers appetizers and tapas. Ask for the seats on the terrace for optimal views as you eat your meal.

18. Chocolate bar

1e van der Helststraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Trendy cocktails and fantastic music are just some of the things you will find at the Chocolate Bar. The decor is very classy and the staff is friendly and dressed up in cool uniforms. You don't have to party when you're here as the club also offers a large terrace where you can choose to sit have your drinks with friends while the party continues below. There are always awesome DJs providing the best music to keep the party going. Chocolate bar is definitely up there as one of my favorites (there are just so many to pick from in Amsterdam!)

19. De Groene Vlinder

Albert Cuypstraat 130, 1072 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of my favorite areas in Holland to have a good time is at the Pijp. This area is full of restaurants, bars and clubs all within walking distance. There is always something going on and the atmosphere is so lively! De Groene Vlinder (literally translated to The Green Butterfly) is in the center of all this wonderful commotion. The inside is dark and mysterious which is perfect for Amsterdam. The music is good, some top 40s and some Dutch music - a nice yet interesting mix. We ended up coming here first then moving to a few other bars in the area.

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20. Melkweg

Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 1017 PH Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most popular locations for pop events in Amsterdam is De Melkweg (The Milky Way). Movies are shown here and it is known for theater shows and various art exhibitions being regularly on display. With a variety of music styles available on Saturday night, De Melkweg is guaranteed to have something for your taste. Be warned! On the weekends this place gets packed and there is usually a long line of people waiting to get in. Get there early or wear comfortable shoes. At least for the line.

21. Café Restaurant De Kroon

Rembrandtplein 17-I, 1017 CT Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Kroon at the Rembrandtplein is a restaurant and nightclub in one. On the first floor, you can both dine and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere. On Friday and Saturday nights, the club opens and you can party till the sun comes out, literally. This club is open to 5am on the weekends. With a wall of TV screens a huge dance floor, and Latin or house music to dance to, De Kroon is an excellent place to start or end your night!

22. Jantjes Birthday Amsterdam

Reguliersdwarsstraat 108-114, 1017 BN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Student prices, student music and a student atmosphere, that is Jantjes Verjaardag (Jan’s Birthday)! Basically, it is a college bar with a total college vibe. While most nights, that is not what people look for, sometimes you just want to go out and party for cheap. On one such night, my friends and I decided to try this place out and we actually ended up having a great time. The DJ was on point and the drinks were delicious. Made them even better that they cost next to nothing. Be sure to check out "Jan's Birthday" on your next wild trip to Amsterdam!

23. Café Zomers & Zomers

Karrenstraat 22, 5211 EH 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

This popular bar is always filled with people and the crowd is always very diverse. Zomers en Zomers is known for playing the best 90s hits and thanks to that brings in a slightly older crowd. The atmosphere is fantastic, any time a known song comes on (they are all known songs!) everyone sings along at the top of their lungs and it just brings you back to when these songs were popular. This is definitely one of my favorite spots in Holland.

24. Carrousel

Karrenstraat 1, 5211 EH 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Carroussel is by far one of the best clubs in the Den Bosch area. This nightclub has a full house every Friday and Saturday night! The interior is awesome with lights creating a cool effect throughout. If you’re looking to keep dancing till the early morning, this is the place. We ended up leaving as the sun was rising and it felt so good! The music is consistent so you can dance the entire night and the dress code is flexible, which meant we could wear flats (to dance for all those hours) and have the best time.

25. café m'n tante

Korenbrugstraat 7A, 5211 EG 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Cafe M’n Tante, literally translated to: Cafe My aunt, is a cozy bar. Many of the locals make this the first stop of a night out, especially on Fridays for happy hour drinks. The drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is relaxed, making this the perfect place to start bar hopping in Den Bosch for a long night out.

26. Plein 79

Markt 79, 5211 JX 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

An alternative nightclub with affordable drinks and a nice atmosphere. Plein 79 is situated on the market below the Den Bosch Tourist & Information Office. (Use this landmark as it is not that easy to find. It took us 30 minutes to finally figure out where it was!) Depending on the night you might hear some dance music, rock or even heavy metal. While it is not located in the most trendy location, it is still a great place to go and relax for a night out.

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