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  • Bishops Beach
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  • Pratt Museum
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    Sights and Museums, History Museum, Science Museum
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  • Salty Dawg Saloon
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  • Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center
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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Drive to this end-of-the-road coastal community for outstanding fishing, good restaurants, hiking, relaxation, and more. Unique shops and cafes, great views of the mountains. I love this little town.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Seattle, Washington

I love Homer. It is my favorite spot in the world. All the locals are friendly and inviting. The food is amazing and the slow pace is just what some people need to des tress from the crazy.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersFoodiesTrendsters
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

While the Alaskan winter is beautiful, it felt good to go to Homer to get away from the freezing cold for a few days. Located at the "End of the Road," 225 miles south of Anchorage, Homer lies among rolling hills by the sea. The five-hour drive provides stunning views of southwest Alaska. As a popular summer destination, many of the small businesses close for the winter, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a beautiful, laid-back town. Its landmark beach, called Homer Spit, has been recognized as one of the top 100 beaches in the US.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversOutdoor EnthusiastsWellness
Tampines, Singapore
First to Review

Wonderful town by the bay! Surrounded by mountains...Homer has a great small-town feel with nice places to eat, great seafood, art galleries, horseback riding, natural history museaum, NOAA/Dept of Interior Visitor's Center....and of course it's fun to go across the bay to Halibut Cove for lunch and art gallery viewing. And don't forget, Homer is the Halibut fishing capital of the world!

Recommended for:Family TravelersOutdoor EnthusiastsSpiritual Seekers
Menlo Park, California, USA

After taking off from Anchorage, we suggest basing yourself in Homer, which offers stunning views of Kachemak Bay, glacier and volcano visits, and a few wonderful restaurants...not to mention the famous summer halibut fishing.

Recommended for:Outdoor Enthusiasts
Local from Homer

From about april until october Homer is a nice little end of the road tourist town. Including majestic scenery, more than 5 glaciers and 5 volcanoes to view. A fishing town and retirement type community it is a great place to fish, eat, or buy halibut. In fact it is tagged as the halibut capitalof the world. They are definately in abundance throughout the region. The thing about halibut though is they tend only to see things one sided. o_o Watch out for moose and porcupine on the road and notice the amazing beauty of both the cook inlet and of Homer's katchemak bay. The world famous spit was created by both glacier and man. Lots to do while there and quite a few places to eat. Fly era or ferry it in. About a 2 hour drive from soldotna not a wasted trip.

Kiryat Gat, Israel

Homer Alaska is great place 2 go u can fish there or u can take a boat it amazing u have a good hotels and good food:)))

Bratislava, Slovakia

Anybody loves fishing, oh yes;this is the place where you want to be 'Kachemak Bay Area'.


Fun Shopping
Good food

Halibut fish in this area is good as well.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodiesTrendstersArt & Design Lovers

Homer is 'at the end of the road' - a must see!