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Few countries have fostered as many misconceptions as Iran. As one of the cradles of modern civilization, Iran has one of the oldest continual civilizations in the world. Populated by sophisticated tribes from 3000 BC, the empire of Persia has changed the world in incalculable ways, including through its advances in mathematics, astronomy and ... Read more
philosophy. Modern Iran experiences many presumptions, as well, but the reality of Iran is different than these assumptions. Over 60% of current university students are women. While nine out of every ten Iranians are Muslim, the country has long been considered quite secular. In the far northwest, 18,000-foot mountains stay snow-capped year-round. One of the most beautiful cities in the world is thought to be Esfahan. Medieval stone bridges cross the Zayande river, leading to 11th century shopping bazaars and 17th century palaces. Enchanting historic sites include Persepolis, a 2,500-year-old complex of structures, as well as the ruins of Hegmatane, Susa and the ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil.

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  • Darake
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  • Persepolis
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  • Niavaran Palace Complex
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  • Milad Tower
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The best time to visit Iran is in the spring (March to May) and early fall (September and October) when the weather is at its finest. However, it’s generally a good idea to avoid traveling during the country’s ... Read more
secular and religious holidays: namely the two weeks surrounding Nowruz (the Iranian New Year), the ten days before Ashura, and the month of Ramadan. By the time summer rolls around, hotel rates drop as temperatures rise, especially in the southern part of the country where temperatures can exceed 100 (38). Winters in Iran are also extreme with very cold weather in the northeast and west, though visitors will see substantial discounts on hotel prices.

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Tehran, Iran

did you know in Iran you can also have adventure activities? such as mountain climbing and so on. there is myriad places to go here

Recommended for:Adventure Travelers
Tehran, Iran

Iran's coffee's are very popular. This is one of the photoes of a coffee called: pendar coffee. This coffee is so delicious because it can still be delicious for a long time.

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Tehran, Iran

I can Assure you that Iran is not what Media has shown to you. People here actually love the fact that foreigners visit their country. don’t be surprised if you are offered free food on streets, they are not trying to poison you, they just consider you their guest. And they will stare, again they are not planning your assassination, they are just interested, they want to know where you come from, are you enjoying your travel and if you ever need help you see many come to your rescue. Iran has rich history, welcoming people, and beautiful nature (yes, Nature!!!, unlike the common belief Iran is not a vast desert. Yes, it has deserts but it has jungles and mountains and seas as well) although spring and fall are the best time to travel to Iran, if you plan your travel carefully you can visit Iran in winter and summer as well since some places in Iran are cool even in summer and some are moderate even in winter. Tourist attractions of Iran are placed in different cities; you need at least 8 to 10 days to visit the most famous sites of Iran. Iran is not an expensive country; the handicrafts are expensive, but if you consider the effort, you see they are not that expensive. Weaving a Persian carpet can take more than 2 years, the money is supposed to provide for the family for the next 2 years while they are weaving another carpet. take the risk, come to Iran and be Surprised with what you see and what is offered.

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Shiraz, Iran

Do you like to surprise yourself ? choose Iran as your travel destination. I assure you will have the most unforgettable travel that wont be comparable to your other travels. Pack your bag and try it by yourself.

Tehran, Iran

Hello dear travelers,
My name is Mojdeh Kashani and I'm a tour-guide.
I'll be glad to help you in anyway.
You can contact me via my email:

London, UK

Everything you think you know, forget it. Iran is an eye-opener like no other. Famed for the genuine warmth and welcome of friendly locals, Iran shatters political image. Fascinating and enchanting, it’s a vast attractive nation of ancient Islamic architecture, prominent desert ruins, nomadic tribes, cosmopolitan cities, ancient towns and abundant Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Interest in Iran is surging, since the election of President Rouhani, which loosened the chokehold on visas. Talk of the re-installation of the British embassy in Tehran is placing it firmly on the emerging travel map. For the culturally inquisitive, Iran is a treasure trove of well-preserved historical sights, intriguing culture and mountains, desert and seas. Go skiing or hit the beach, explore exquisite mosques and magical madrassas, hear classic Persian poetry and eat splendid cuisine.
Dress code does apply and travel isn’t advised according to several government websites.

Esfahan, Iran

land of incredible contrast, most be one of the most diverse countries in the world with enough history, cultures and sites to visit,
for Iran visa, tours and travel advice contact:

Absecon, New Jersey

iran is a 4 season country...and very beautiful
Iran could spring simultaneously:
1. In the northern mountains to ski
2.'s Camp in the forests of western and northern
3. On the south coast to enjoy
4. In East and Central Walk in the Desert

New Delhi

i consider it the best.. i love Iranian films.. such simple screenplay, few words communicate so much.. i wish i get to act in an Iranian film, then my life will be complete..!!

Nizwa, Oman

Any place that is demonized like Iran ranks high on my list of places to visit. With the kind of hyperbole and conjecture being thrown around about this 'axis of evil' country, I knew there was either something to it or something they didn't want us to know. Turns out it was the latter rather than the former - Iran is simply amazing. Super friendly people, ancient ruins, spectacular scenery and delicious food make Persia one place I hope to return to before the 'coalition of the willing' does!