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The light is different here. From sunrise above the Sea of Galilee to dusky sunsets over Old Jerusalem, Israel has an almost ethereal glow to it. It's no wonder, with the weight of 3,000 years of history hanging in the air. The Mediterranean country is one of the cradles of all three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Even ... Read more
without its Holy Land status, Israel would merit a pilgrimage. The tiny nation has more diversity than you could possibly imagine in one small setting. From floating on top of the Dead Sea to basking at Haifa's beaches and skiing Mount Hermon to vineyard-hopping in the Negev desert, Israel is full of surprises. Although religious tourism is the reason for many visits, you need not be strongly associated with any particular faith to appreciate the history of the religious sites. Walk in Jesus' footsteps on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem or visit King Herod's mountaintop fortress at Massada, above the Dead Sea. All the while, enjoy rich Jewish and Arab cuisine and sleep in opulent modern hotels or historic inns. While Israel and the Palestinian Territories have their danger zones, traveling in this region is safer than most think due to extremely vigilant security.

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  • Old City of Jerusalem
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  • The Western Wall
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  • Neve Tzedek
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  • Tel Aviv Port
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Israel has mild weather year-round, though certain times of the year yield less rain and fewer crowds. The hot days of summer (June to August) correspond with a higher influx of young international travelers, ... Read more
driving up airfare and hotel prices. December through February tends to be the most rainy, but February has its own perk: this is when the wildflowers bloom on the hills of Judea and Galilee, making for stunning (though wet) hiking. April heralds the end of the rainy season and warmer temperatures, along with a fresh arrival of tourists who want to experience Easter and Passover in the Holy Land. To avoid crowds (and steep prices), wait until May or September to visit: you’ll enjoy gorgeous weather and have popular attractions more to yourself.

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Be conscious of your attire: conservative dress is required for religious sites and the Jewish district of Jerusalem, but you can "let loose on the beaches of Tel Aviv." Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are considered the safest cities for female travelers ... Read more
(though travelers would "recommend caution" around the neighborhood of the Tel Aviv bus station.)

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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New York City

Israel is the most spiritual place I have ever been to. No matter your religion or beliefs, it is a gorgeous country and I encourage everyone to experience it.

New York City, New York State, USA

I loved my trip to Israel. It was really fun. It's where I met my boyfriend.

Bedford, New Hampshire, USA

It is amazing that so much history can be found in this tiny country. If you rent a car, you can drive the entire country in a few hours-from the gorgeous beaches of Tel Aviv to the dead sea to the desert to the capitol of three world religions.

Honolulu, Hawaii

My favorite country on Earth. Had the pleasure of residing there for many years.

Denver, CO

Wow, if I knew Hebrew I would move here in a heartbeat. Israel is an amazing place, culturally diverse (there are about 4 biozones) and 100% nothing like what you see on the News. The patriotism and welcomingness is unlike anywhere else in the world since the country has only existed since the '50s, everyone that lives there does so by choice and is fiercely loyal and protective over their land with an infectious, positive attitude.

Netanya, Israel

"FOLLOW THE SUN" - Israel, the Ultimate Winter vacation heaven:

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Tapuz Blog:


The ultimate Israeli Tourism Campaign Slogan, is now more relevant than ever

While the Northern Hemisphere MTB biking enthusiasts are hiding in the cosy shelter of their homes from the pounding freezing winter storms, we, the Israeli MTB Mountain Bikers are ripping the amazing local trails in a perfect weather

"A picture worth a thousand words"

See this Gallery with sample photos of MTB rides and visits to Israeli attractions - all taken by me from October 2012 and through the winter of 2012-2013:



Three years ago, back in February 2010 I have described the local Israeli MTB scene in two detailed posts

Israeli Forests and Open Spaces Mountain Biking

Israeli Desert Mountain Biking - FEB 2010

Since then, the Israeli Mountain Biking culture and business environment had evolved into a vibrant and ever growing phenomena and had become one of Israel`s top pastime preferences. The critical mass of enthusiast Mountain Biking addicts, who owns 1-2-3 bikes each, escorted with many who add some MTB spice to their pastime and vacation option every now and then are now benefiting from the great options and services portfolio available localy

The ingridients that makes Mountain Biking in the Israeli winter (as well as all year round) such a perfect vacation destination are

> Weather

when Europe goes through another cold and freezing winter, the average temperature in Israel is moderate and perfect for Mountain
Biking, coupled with many sunny days throughout the winter. When it rains in the Israeli North, it is still sunny anyway in the Israeli desert.

> Location

Highly developed network of Mountain Bike routes and Single-Tracks is spread all over the country, offering a wide range of riding options - from panoramic XC rides through technical All Mountain Single Tracks and up to DH and Extreme routes for the Pro and skilled riders.

> Short Distances between the local attractions

1-2-3 hours drive will get you everywhere in Israel, whether to the green pastures of the upper Galilee and Golan heights in the North, and all the way to the vast Negev desert in the South

> Mountain Bike and ECO Tourism Services

Choose your MTB destination in Israel or go for an "all included - North AND South" vacation - Wherever you want to go, you can find a professional service that will support all that the MTB vactioneer needs. From ground services, transfer andlodging, through equipment services, trail guidance and escorting, food and other logistic support, etc... With the growing MTB culture, this is being supported by local ECO tourism services

> History and heritage

Your trip to Israel is also a perfect time to pay a visit to the Historical, Religious and world heritage sites such as Jerusalem, Nazareth, Masada, the dead sea, Sea of Galilee and so many more attraction

> Beach and Night-Life

Spice up your trip to Israel with a visit to the Southern tip of Israel and enjoy the beaches and hotels of Eilat, or go out clubbing in Tel-Aviv


A 4-5 hours flight from the freezing continent will get you to the Israeli MTB heaven, where thousands of Kilometers of highly developed MTB routes are waiting for you - under the Israeli winter sun

so if you have a last minute urge to spend the last cold days of this winter in a warm and welcoming heaven, or planning your next year`s vacation schedule - do not hesitate to put Israel on top of your priority

Cheltenham, UK

What can you say about Israel that hasn't been written about over the past few millennia? All I know is that it should be on every traveller's bucket list.

Jerusalem, THE most enigmatic city on earth: the history, the people, the religions, the walled-city itself and the palpable hatred that permeates the air. It's conflicting but is still the most interesting city on earth.

There's alos nothing like travelling through the biblical areas of Golan Heights, Galilee and the Dead Sea, whether you are religious or not, these places have the most wonderful stories attached to them and there are very few places on earth that "speak" to you and reawaken any latent memories of the Old and New Testaments.


Masada - Herods fortress in the Dead Sea and his citadel on the coast at Caesarea; the Crusader heritage at Acre; the food markets in Tel Aviv; eating some fish in Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee; passing through Druze villages on the way to the Golan Heights; diving in Eilat; wandering around the streets of old Jaffa and of course everything that Jerusalem is famous for.

I recommend that everyone should take a couple of weeks off and go and explore this fantastic, ancient land.

Rehovot, Israel
First to Review

The Wailing Wall or Western Wall is in Jerusalem and is believed by many people to be the remains of one wall of a great Jewish temple or the wall surrounding the temple's courtyard. It is a stone wall that extends about 62 feet (18.9 m) above the ground. The wall is considered to be a sacred site by Jews, and thousands of people make pilgrimages there each year. It also is a source of much dispute regarding its true history as well as a source of contention among Jews and Muslims, who consider it to be part of an ancient mosque or the wall to which the seventh-century Islamic prophet Muhammad tied his winged steed during his Night Journey.

Miami, Florida, USA

One of the best experiences of my life! A trip I would recommend to any and everyone. Words can't even describe how incredible it was.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Israel is an amazing place to visit, live & experience. The culture & people are ALIVE, MOVING & SHAKING.