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  • Los Amigos
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  • Carara National Park
    9.319 reviews
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  • Crocodile Man Tour
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  • Bank/ATM
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There really isn’t a terrible time to visit this pristine Costa Rican coastline, though certain times of the year offer more sun and less heat, or fewer crowds. December through April is dry season in Costa ... Read more
Rica, and also the most popular time of the year to visit, especially around Christmas. December is particularly gorgeous with lush green jungles and blue skies, while March and April can get uncomfortably hot. By mid-May, the wet season has begun, but you’ll likely just encounter light afternoon showers. It really starts pouring in September through November, and many restaurants and hotels close down.

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Burns, Kansas

Jaco is just a ten minute drive from Casa Buen Dia. If you have a car, driving there is a breeze. But Taxi's are available right from our front door. Lot's of tourist activities available. To many restaurants to mention and some of the best surfing in the world right on Jaco Beach. Plenty of night life and clubs to dance the night away.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersAdventure Travelers

The view is beautiful and listening to the waves hit the rocks was so calming

Recommended for:Budget TravelersAdventure Travelers
Local from Jaco, Costa Rica

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Jaco is a little beach town , about 5 blocks long , you can walk everywhere to get around easy, Jaco is lined with shops, Restaurants, Ticos Sodas, Pharmacy , Movie theaters, Night life, Fishing, Surfers-waves 24-7, Tours, many Hotels, 13 Towers of Condos, 4 kil. of Beaches, looking for Condos, Farms, Homes, contact us.


Jaco is consider the #1 vacation place in Costa Rica. Good food, waves, parties, tours, etc. Makes this place a piece of paradise.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

This town was cute but definitely not my favorite part of the Costa Rica trip. I thought the beaches and surfing was actually better Punta Banco and we ended up getting sick from one of the restaurants in town. I love Costa Rica but I'd recommend picking a different spot!

Stanford, California, USA

A nice beach especially for parties and surfers. lots of attractions in the area.

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Being from San Diego, California and used to white beaches, we're really disappointed on coming here because we feel our beaches are better. There's not a whole lot of selection on food besides casados. We most likely won't come back here again.

Chicago, Illinois

Jaco would be best characterized as a tiny beach town that's grown up. The tourism infrastructure is pretty well in place such that there are many hostels, a different bar hosting ladies night every night of the week and a couple of nicer high rise hotels along the beach. At the resort level, this place is still "under the radar" and quaint, yet still has most amenities gringos are used to (coffee shops with internet, clean restaurants, buses in and out). The main draw here is the beautiful beach, consistent surf, great for beginner level. It's very easy here.

Jaco is known as the place to come get your surf gear; they boast a lot of surf shops and I ran into several people here for that purpose alone - from a pair of German girls starting a long surf tour of Central America, to hostel owners from Nicaragua, to a foreign exchange student from Denver studying in San Jose.

There is one real gem here (besides the beaches). There is a walk up the mountain to the south that goes up to an abandoned restaurant that a Dutch millionaire started building but didn't finish. It's about a 5 mile hike round trip from Jaco and includes a walk through the jungle up a road to this eerie, ornate but abandoned Victorian style outdoor structure. Very cool, but make sure you start your trip before 3pm - you don't want to get caught up there in the dark. EEEK! Ask the locals for specific directions.

Nairobi, Kenya

Endless back sand beaches, and a fair amount of tourism. If you want to hae some beach to yourself just head out of town in either direction and you will soon find solitud. Beach goers who prefer white sand beaches may be a bit dissappointed, surfers will not be though. Tons of breaks including playa hermosa.