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Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city and a rapidly changing destination. This city that began as an extremely busy port, and was originally known as Takau, or “beat the dog.” You won’t find any abused canines now, rather, the city has a number of historic temples and seafood restaurants in the Cijin District. The banks of the Love River have ... Read more
been transformed into green promenades in recent years under Mayor Frank Hsieh, who also brought the World Games (showcasing sports not in the Olympics) and its accompanying income to Kaohsiung. A modern Asian metropolis, this city is up and coming.

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Taiwan’s summers are wet and humid, staying in the mid-90s (35), while winters are relatively mild, staying in the 60s (15 to 20). Autumn (September to October) and winter (November to February) are the best ... Read more
times to visit for the cooler, more pleasant weather. Like the rest of this region of the world, Taiwan also has a wet season. The northern part of Taiwan tends to be colder and wetter than the tropical south, and monsoons hit the island at different times of the year: the northeast monsoon lasts from October to March and the southwest monsoon lasts from May to September. However, rainy weather also equals lower crowds and huge discounts on accommodation, though Saturday-night rates tend to stay the same year-round.

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Barcelona, Spain

As the rest of Taiwan, very underrated place. I feel all the monuments have an incredible vibe. (Taiwanese people are amazing as well).

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West Covina, California, USA

when i think of Kaohsiung, i think of my grandma. When i think of my grandma i think of home!
Taiwan has always been a place my family and I would visit every once in awhile but every time we visit the love is just hard to be dismissed! Taiwanese people had always been incredibly courteous and respectful! With tons of temples at every corner, karma is something that doesn't look past the taiwanese community, perhaps this may be one of the reason Taiwanese people are the way they are! Humbled and happy !

New Delhi, India

second largest city in taiwan. as it's my mothers hometown, i used to come here quite often. there's some really good food here and the mrt station is incredibly beautiful. the love river runs through the city.

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Singapore, Singapore

What an amazing opportunity to be able to witness such beauty the world has to offer.

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Klang, Malaysia
First to Review

Kaohsiung most pupular tourists destination are Lohas Offshore, islands Ecotourism, Rail Tour, culture & Heritage, Night Market and gourmet Guide. When my son took us to Kaohsiung by train, we visited night market and ate Beef Noodle 3 times.

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Singapore, Singapore

Maolin District, Kaohsiung.
About an hour drive from Kaohsiung city to enjoy the fresh air and nature around.

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Lotus Lake is a must see! Gorgeous scenery and beautiful pagodas and temples. You could spend hours here if you have the time. The lake itself is man-made but there are a lot of fisherman located around the edges. Great sites for pictures.

There are also many shopping opportunities around the lake that allow for souvenirs to bring back home.

SF Bay Area, Western US

Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan and is on the southern end of the island. It may not be the big international hub like Taipei, but in my opinion it is cleaner, less crowded, with less traffic, and less pollution, even though it does have a lot of industry down here.

So it is a nicer city in many ways than Taipei, particular for living and being with family, and if you are a young lover, there is always the Love River to have a lunch picnic on the banks with your sweetheart. The people here are industrious and hard working, and many of the shops are open late. There are also a lot more indigenous Taiwanese people here, that are shorter and darker in appearance than the taller transplants who came over with the KMT from the mainland when Mao rose to power.

San Carlos, California, USA

Kaohsiung is a beach city in Taiwan. It feels more like you are in Hawaii with its palm trees and long sandy shores. Kaohsiung is a popular city for weekends away in Taiwan.

San Francisco, California, USA

Unexpected pleasant surprises at this city that is located at the mouth of a major port. There are many, to name a few...Surprise 1: this fisherman city is second largest by population in Taiwan. Surprise2: very reasonably priced seafood! And a lot of it. Surprise3: confucius temples and churches both have prominent presence in the city.