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Imagine this scene: you're in a hot air balloon, rising up over the savannah of the Maasai Mara National Reserve just after dawn. Your pilot turns off the burner, and you are floating silently above the plain. Below, lions bask in the new sun, elephants drink from a watering hole, and a herd of wildebeest continues its migration. With the most ... Read more
advanced tourist infrastructure in East Africa, Kenya is a haven for safari-goers. Several incredible parks offer unique attractions -- explore Amboseli National Park to see friendly elephants and catch a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro, or visit Lake Nakuru to be awed by the thousands of flamingoes. Ever have that desire to go rock climbing high above a grassland spotted with rhinos and lions? Check out Tsavo West National Park for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But don't overlook Kenya’s many other facets such as coastal Mombasa, with its Arab and Portuguese influences, and medieval Lamu Island, where you can sail the archipelago by dhow. However, no trip to Kenya is complete without spending time in the mesmerizing city of Nairobi. Kenya’s capital hosts a flourishing art scene and is both the country’s hip-hop center and one of the major film hubs in Africa.

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With the exception of the mountains, most of Kenya sees temperatures between 70 and 85F (21-29C) throughout the year. The most significant fluctuation in climate comes with the rains, which drench the country ... Read more
from March - May and October - December. Safari high season brings heavy crowds to the country from June through September. Although they are perhaps the most curious of creatures, you probably didn’t travel to Africa to take pictures of your fellow khaki-clad humans, so it may be worth considering an off-season visit in January or February when your shot of lions and zebras roaming the plains will be free of any Freds or Susans. If you are headed to Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Kenya, the dry season is also your best bet.

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Nairobi, Kenya
Cryptic Safaris is a Kenyan owned tour and travel company. We have a wide selection of tours and safaris to the most popular destinations in Africa. These include Scheduled Trips and Special Interest Safaris that include bird watching trips, camping safaris in game reserves and national parks, beach holidays along the Coast etc.

Nairobi, Kenya

Travel secrets for 2015:De Trip to Kenya! Amazing Drums, Dance,Festivals,Adventure and Sing Along!

Planning a trip around Kenya in 2015?.

Animal Attraction –Safaris in Kenya

Here is a quick trip for those who want to join up with groups for hiking and generally having a fun time.

It would be awesome to meet travelers who want to share the journey, especially if you're keen to learn local languages & indulge in authentic cultural experiences.

So, If you're looking for a travel buddy you know what to do :)Best way to get travel mates & better prices for Kenya is to use the services of TOUR GUIDE INSTEAD OF GOING DIRECTLY TO TOUR OPERATORS,AIRLINES,TRAVEL AGENTS OR HOTEL ESTABLISHMENTS.

Whether you are a first-time adventurer, solo traveler, female backpacker or semi-pro, we can help you plan and book your backpacking adventure of a lifetime...Happy Travels!

Trip To Africa! WELCOME TO Kenya!

You can go on safari in a variety of ways from walking treks to sightseeing Ground safaris which are guide-led by a knowledgeable, English speaking guide, with pop-up safari Vans $35 a day FEES FOR GUIDE.

Underwater Is memorable with Turtle swims,Bucaneer Diving & surf swim .$45 a day for guide fees.

"we create the adventure;you live the dream"

8-Day Turkana Trip Via Chalbi Desert,(Available Dec 2104-Feb 2016)

Ciatlux Travel hosts unforgettable journeys to the birthplace of the drums. In this three week trip (1 and 2 week options available) you will study drum and dance, attend festivals and celebrations, learn about the country and its people, and discover the magic that is Africa.

Will be guests in an African compound,where will enjoy comfortable accommodations,exquisite African food & hospitality of the Kenyan people (i.e While meeting archaic peeoples from the Rendilles,Turkanas,Garbras & Samburus).

$68pppd all inclusive packages,Rates are per person sharing and exclude international flights.You will traverse along some of Africa's roads; see wildlife endemic to the North of Kenya, beautiful cultural tours surrounded on all sides by hot dusty deserts, eventually arriving at shores of the beautiful Jade Sea (Lake Turkana).

Contact Independent tour guide based in Kenya

Luvaha Charles Luvaga
See the blog:http://www.ciatluxtravel.

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If you have dreamed of seeing African animals in all their glory, Kenya is a wonderful place to see them. The people are friendly and the country is amazing. We have many packages to Africa Available and we have a build your own Safari quote. Please come and visit us soon:

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London, UK

The unsung hero of Kenya shuns the trendy stylish lodges and safari parks further South. Northern Kenya is remote, pushing up against the border with Ethiopia. Here, part of the safari experience is meeting native bushmen, the Samburu. You wouldn’t necessarily visit Northern Kenya for the wildlife, which can be random and sporadic. But a journey here is visiting one of the last frontiers of wilderness in Kenya, yet untouched.

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United States

Helicopter Safaris (a unique trend for vips - All Time Safaris Ltd)
Only by flying across this physically diverse wilderness can one truly appreciate the sheer scale of Kenya’s size and beauty. For a more exclusive experience, we recommend taking one’s own private plane – for true luxury and flexibility. For the ultimate “game drive”, take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of Kenya’s dramatic and diverse landscapes. By helicopter you can reach the remote moorlands of Mt. Kenya, soar over Kenya’s vast plateaus and watch wildlife roam, hunt and bask beneath you, or visit the isolated and dramatic landscapes of Lake Turkana…

Palo Alto, California, USA

Possibly the best country in the world :). Most people know about its incredible fauna -- and are surprised to find a warm society, pristine beaches and even a snow capped mountain.

Nairobi, Kenya

The lure of Kenya has always been the same, the sheer variety of landscape, wildlife, human cultures and experience. No other African country can boast such diversity within its borders. Here you will find snow capped peaks and rolling savannah, pristine beaches and tropical rainforest, giant herds of elephants and flocks of flamingo, nomadic tribesmen and dhow sailors, and much, much more.


The serena hotel in nairobi is a very fantastic site, with a very fragrant arena with a wide parking, nice swimming pool and comfortable diining sets made from different woods and plastics.The splashing waterfall is so captivating as it flows down with pleasure pouring to a curved woman who is holdind a young baby, it symbolises the true ideal kenyan woman. As you sit on the balcony you can see for yourself the beautiful environment with all types of trees and flowers. Birds singing out their sweet voices to welcome the day. oh that was such a wonderful site to be.

Nairobi, Kenya

On a Kenyan Safari experience breathtaking moments like getting up close to amazing wildlife! Listen to a Lion roar, watch a cheetah walk past your car, or a nearby Elephant chomping on trees! Watch these from the comfort of your safari vehicle and in the presence of your knowledgeable Driver guides for a real African experience. Learn about the animals' natural environment, eating and sleeping habits, how they hunt for game, mating rituals and more.
Book a Safari to Kenya or Tanzania today for a high adventure exciting holiday!

Fremantle, Australia

Kenya is like a second home to me. I spent many months there. Never in a million years would I have expected to someday list Nairobi among my favorite cities, but somehow that happened. The country is gorgeous with so much to see in the wildlife department, in particular. Most people hit Mombasa and the Masai Mara and while those are great places, the country has so much more to offer. I love the people and the Kenyan attitude as well. There is a reason that this tends to be one of the go-to destinations in Africa.