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Formerly considered to be the "Salmon Capital of the World" this city is still thriving, as more than 800,000 visitors visit this city every year. To be fair, most of those guests stop in on cruises, so their exploration of the area is limited to say the least. Still, if you spend a little extra time here, numerous attractions and events make this ... Read more
scenic coastal city very much worth touring at length. There are several museums and heritage centers dedicated to the works and history of the North-West Native American tribes that populate this area, with exhibits including many astounding examples of totem poles among other cultural iconography. This city of only 14,000 permanent residents enjoys over one hundred and sixty inches of rain a year, which helps to make the surrounding forests home to truly verdant pine expanses, that are protected as part of the Tongass National Forest. Exploration of this region is done in a variety of ways, but kayaking tours are one of the most popular. As one might expect from such a environmentally centric rustic setting, the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show is one of the area's most popular and competitive combinations of sports and entertainment, rounding off a list of attractions that make visiting here deserving of much more than a the few hours permitted by cruise ship stop-overs.

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My favorite place I've been to in Alaska so far! While I was there I did extreme go-carting. We go to see waterfalls and incredible skylines.

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Anaheim, California

Ketchikan was our last stop to our cruise to Alaska and it really had the least amount of things to do as far as excursion goes.
PLease watch out for those people that try to sell you on excursions - they can ALWAYYYYYS go lower!
Also it probably isnt worth the $30 that they charge you as a discount, we stopped by 3 stops and although the view of alaska is naturally picturesque in every corner or crevice you turn to really isn't worth $30 or more could of drove there or get the FREE shuttle!

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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Alaska Canopy Adventures ziplining was AWESOME!!! For someone who is afraid of heights, we we all ready to do it again. Our team, Tom & Jordan, were very safety conscious and made you feel comfortable. The 200 foot slide at the end is a real hoot!

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Fort Wayne

Ketchikan, Alaska is a beautiful little town with happy people. There is so much to see in one day. Antique stores with amazing souvenirs to browse & buy. A lot of jewelry stores if you are interested.
The 3 must things to do in a day :
1. Watch the lumberjack show.
2. Check out Creek Street and ask the locals about the history.
3. Go shark watching in the sea.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersHistory BuffsAdventure Travelers
Austin, Texas, USA

Ketchikan is a great little Alaskan town. The people here are very friendly, welcoming, and inviting. It's pretty easy to walk anywhere you need to go.

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San Francisco, California, USA

Cute little Alaskan town that is on the typical cruise itinerary. There is lots of good shopping to be found, but the most fun we had was following the river upstream to discover the plethora of salmon, salmon ladders, and hatchery.

Chula Vista, California

The Lumberjack show was a real kick!!!! Great to see all the Totem Poles and learn the meaning of them.

New York City, New York State, USA

Ketchikan was one of the last stops on my cruise of the Inside Passage, and probably my favorite stop. Billed as Alaska's first city, there's plenty for the tourist to see.

Dublin, Ireland

Ketchikan is the most peaceful place i have ever visited . the people are so nice the town is amazing . i went ziplining here through the rainforest wow . i just cant say enough nice things about this place

San Francisco, California, USA

Of all the small towns in Alaska that I visited, Ketchikan was probably my favorite. There's a nice balance between nature and things to do here, and it all comes together in a really pretty way. While it's not the busiest or most eventful of places, it's a great place to visit if you happen to be nearby.