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KUNMING, the capital of the Yunnan province, is the most laid-back city in the country. Known as "city of eternal spring," both the weather and inhabitants are usually temperate and sunny. The city itself is a clean but ordinary blend of roads and glassy modern office blocks, but its is surrounded by beautiful limestone hills. The countryside is ... Read more
filled with many temples, and Kunming is a great starting point to explore the Yunnan peninsula.

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  • Yuantong Temple
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  • Lake Dian
    9.25 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Lake
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  • Green Lake
    10.04 reviews
    Outdoors, Lake
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsy
  • Yunnan
    8.04 reviews
    Shopping, Performing Arts, Outdoors
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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

The city of eternal Spring, Kunming is quite a pleasant city. It's named this way because of the mild temperature due to the elevation. As a capital of Yunnan Province, you will have to go through Kunming to get to the attractions in Yunnan.

Recommended for:BackpackersAdventure Travelers
Local from Kunming, China

It's my home and welcome everyone to my hometown. Kunming is a tourist city. There are many delicious foods and friendly people, especially beautiful scenery.

Recommended for:Family Travelers
Klang, Malaysia

The weather here is cool and warm. You can visit here at any season even in December it is not so cold as Beijing. Kunming have many races like Hanzu, Yizu, Manzu, Zangzu and many other I have not seen before. They usually can be recognized by their own clothing and hairstyle.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersHistory Buffs
Athens, Greece

Kunming is known as "The City of Eternal Summer" in China. Not so much this morning when I opened the window. If you are planning on visiting better come in the spring.

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Yes, it's another of China's huge cities. But, Kunming has a different feel. It's on the fringe of China, way out in Yunnan Province, where all aspects of modernity haven't quite permeated. It's like the city is developing faster than the common people. It's a more pleasant city than most in China with parks, less pollution, and fantastic weather. Kunming is known as the city of eternal springtime.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

A cosmopolitan travel hub to get to the rest of Yunnan. Basically not much to do/see in Kunming, minus a couple local day trips (to Shilin or JiuXiang).

Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the most popular destination in Kunming is the stone forest, which is approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours drive from Kunming. It is such a magnificent sight to see the vastness of the forest.

Los Angeles, California, USA

A cosmpolitan Chinese city located in a beautiful natural setting, near the mountains and on a big lake. They must not get a lot of Western tourists (people were staring and taking pictures of us all over town), and that alone is part of what makes it so nice. Lots of things to do, from hiking in the Western Hills, to simply strolling around Green Lake in downtown area. The experience of visiting the two temples in the Western Hills, which are completely non-touristy, unlike temples in more highly visited cities, is possibly my favorite memory of visiting China.

Sydney, Australia

More a hub for onward travel than a destination in itself, Yunnan's capital city remains a very pleasant place to rest and recover for a few days en route elsewhere. The University area is quite international, with some cool cafes, bookstores and restaurants, and Jinmabiji square and bar street has surprisingly good nightlife for a medium-sized provincial capital. Possibly the best, though? The food streets in and around the old Muslim Quarter, where you can swill green tea as you gobble down cold chicken feet in a mouth-numbing soy-and-chili marinade with construction workers and suits fresh out of the office.


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